20 Max Items Per Day

This Is some form of joke, right?


bots won the fight… they dont know what to do :smiley:


to be fair rng so bad I get 1 good item every 3 months
because of honing 0 gold left each week
pheons, pity, costumes real endgame

  • never mind, I’m blind. It’s daily - :rofl:

Yeah but this is any listing and no less on an update where we have a soft reset. We’ll be listing things like tradeable mats on multiple toons, etc. Gonna have to sell things in bulk and only important things.

U can just sell the tradeable mats from 1 character

its per roster not per character

Ya… if its tradeable, put it all on one character and sell it lol

??? You can’t, the limitation is per roster not character.

Putting all char tradable mats on roster storage and pull it out on 1 char to be put on market is a bid time consuming, because sometime you’ll get under cut and with more char able to post you’ll get chance of sales

Example, i post ghl on char 1. Lowest is 90g. So put 90g
When i finish play on char 2 and try to put ghl, lowest is at 89g. So i know at that time my char 1 ghl won’t sold out until tomorrow. So i put 89g on char 2.
And go on and on with char 3456789. This way I’ll get more chance of sales

If I try to sell it all on 1 char, and i got undercut, all of my ghl won’t be sold until tomorrow. Huge loss for me.

Man cmon… if its tradeable mats, you put it in roster storage and stack ur mats. Then you put it on one character and u can sell it as one item. This isnt rocket science

And what If the people need the money then and there?


You need 300 gold instantly? This would rarely happen but ill play along with your fantasy

You sell your leaps on one character for 300 gold. You then have 19 more items you can list till 6am tomorrow - problem solved.

You’re so dense It hurts.

You do know some of us play a full roster+ and have multiple items daily to not only list, but to relist.

And then there’s materials, and ye, I might some day need to sell the daily materials, and that’s not 300g I’ll tell you that.

I just hit the limit second day in a row, while still having 10+ items to list.

But you go ahead and defend this because YOU don’t list a lot on the market, not my fault If you don’t get items to post and sell.

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This is false on so many levels as the market flucates pretty much all the time. If the price when you checked it later shows 89g then that means someone wanted theirs gone first and it usually jumps back up. If it was as YOU say it it, every item would be at 1g now since everyone would undercut each other all the time and instantly be at 1g. You do as you say, then the 3rd character, the price would now be 88g, and then 87g. It doesn’t work this way. You can JUDGE the market value by the number of items at X value.

As stated, PUT the mats together, if they are priced at MARKET value they will generally sell.

Yes im the one thats dense

Like i said stack ur mats that u want to sell on one character

If u need to keep relisting everyday consider selling it for cheaper or dismantle it

I dont care if u cant post more than 20 items, this is a change thats to help the majority of players by reducing bots. You crying about having 6+ characters and not being able to no life this game pales in comparison to the reduction of bots

So not only are u the one thats dense but ur selfish too :slight_smile:

You actually think this will reduce bots?

You’re a troll at this point.

Take care Tankyzz, you’re not worth my point If you’re just going to be ignorant and a troll.

Cya bud, hope u dont bite your nails because you cant sell your 21st ring for 300 gold

Cya dumbass, also, all my listings today was 1k++

Also, talk about selfish, you do know, the people that aren’t that rich in this game and want to do their start build / budget build, rely on a market with budget items, and with this change, less and less people will waste their 20 max limits per day on anything that’s not worth a lot, meaning screw the new people, right?

But I guess you don’t care not think that far because you’re so far up in the clouds thinking this invasive change will stop the bots.

O u said bye but then you came back, did you have more nonsense to say?