20 pheons ? ●▅▇█▇▆▅▄▇

we deserve at least 50 or 80
for the amount of time u delayed the patch i feel like we deserve more


LoL… nough said

not enough 25 for 1 relic accessory sadge

You deserve nothing except being milked a little more

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am curious, what did they give in korea ?

Thats not true this is LOA ON reward no compensation

I just attached the image

This was from LOA ON, not anything related to maintenance.

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are you serious? seems like an event reward. if it is compensation then i want more

I’m totally serious, it’s not a joke. It’s what they gave as a reward in Korea when this happened.

This is an event login, this has nothing to do with server outage compensation lmao

stop trying to put oil into the flames, this is the winter LOA ON reward, it was an event, not an compensation

you dumb sa hell … do your research

From what I’ve seen, this was handed on LOAon, that event a while back, it wasn’t a compensation or anything like that.

you are too wrong my friend

Yep I’m Korean and that screenshot says it’s a giveout as thanks. Either Kiri86 is trolling on purpose or just can’t admit he’s wrong

It was a Gift not compensation. here’s a the translated Screenshot from their website


It’ll go against his shitty false narrative, watch out!