+20 weapon push

As a F2P player this was the most terrifying tap 19 to 20


I had ~4 months of saved up juice materials, Oreha’s, MHL, Obliteration stones all gone
Easily over 50k in raw gold just clicking the button
Every click felt like death…

And it went at 15% Artisan.

I couldn’t imagine anyone who had to pity this (and I Know pushing past 20 makes this look like a joke)




grats!! now the push is the the ancient 25 xP

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never will I ever (be able to afford to)


100 Quality tho

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grats! now u just gotta get the +8 esther wep and ur all set!

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Yeah that was a lucky lucky roll ages ago, it’s kinda what turned my destroyer into my main in the end.

Damn, grats. That weapon looks ready for some major bonking.

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37% pity but anyway welcome to the hood

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quality 100, whale confirmed

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cmon @Jinxed02 my man… no need to delete the post tho

we are all friends here

?? i didnt flag anything. my msg got delete too. and for what?? a crying kid that cant let others have good stuff?? what a joke!

Congrats on that shiny +20 weapon

I got mine to 19 after about 30% Artisan’s

Took one look at what it would cost just to get it ready to be able to hone

FUCKING NOPE, I got a Paladin and Destroyer to level and Aeromancer to save for

+19 is plenty good for me lol

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Even just the act of filling the +20 and begin to click the hone button almost made me sick. Like yeah it’s awesome it went early for me but that hone could literally break a persons mental wellbeing if it went to pity lol

0.5% of the time (or whatever horrible odds 100 quality is) it happens every time :slight_smile:

Probably just a late night mod being a bit power trippy deleting unnecessary posts.


I had a comment deleted and got a two day ban for telling two users to kiss after them going at each others throats for 50+ posts

I just found it hilarious, was a nice 2 day break too

It’s been awhile since I got put in the time out chair, there sometimes isn’t much rhyme or reason to it lol

Speaking of time out chairs, I think all of Tal’s accounts got purged


Well that was about time. Imagine haunting about every thread and telling people what they ought to do or not to do.

This just proves that these community managers are even worse than the community itself (if even possible)

+19 pity +20 85% here
i’m more envious of the quality tbh

i’d take the 20 pity for a 100 quality

Congrats Red :slight_smile:

15% Artisan is crazy awesome, your boy went to 62% rip

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