200k boar meat cost wth

I dont have 2 mill to buy this what the hell, need 10 of those meats, its clearly not a mathematical genious behind the prices in this game, this is just nuts. Lets see maybe in a year i can complete the cooking in this game.

Silver becomes a lot more abundant in T3, just bear with it and finish cooking after you progress a bit more. :slight_smile:

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Yea sorry 2mill. Not like it is better hehe.

Its just a want the song to be able to get the seeds, im on 1050 so still need a few hundred seeds :slight_smile:

You get to the song without the expensive food items.
there are other things, like rum for 1.4m etc.

This is just planned as a silver sink, for now, when not going for the ignea token, you can get the songs at 60 or 70% without the expensive foods

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yea ill do cooking the last, and eventually unlock the song. I usual start with cooking but clearly not in Punika.

You’ll get it eventually. Also, aim for the 80% for that Greater Skill Potion if you can.

This is completely wrong, by the way. Silver becomes absolutely scarce because suddenly your honing costs are going to go up by multiple orders of magnitude.

You get a few big one time silver injections in T3, but once you hit 1370, you’re going to be missing every silver coin you spent when your upgrade cost is 200k+ per piece.

Until you can have multiple alts in T3(to do lopang dailies), you are going to be absolutely hurting for silver as soon as you hit 1370.

Your upgrade cost is 200k+ per piece in Silver, but you’re usually bottlenecked in Gold/Honing Materials, rarely Silver.

200k Silver is laughable in terms of ease to farm if compared to the 2k Gold you’ll need, not counting the mats. Punika mobs drop 200-300 silver a piece, farming 200k takes a few minutes. You’ll only be bottlenecked in Silver if all you do is grind infinite chaos the whole day

Which mobs are you killing for silver? I’m looking around and none of the mobs I’ve killed are anything