2020/2019 summer skins take a look. FOMO

I’m happy with the 2021 skins but what about the older ones, are we never going to get those? I wish to get answer to this since one of the skins i’m waiting for is in this set for example this epic bard skin.

And these fighter skins.

And warrior skins.

Not to mention the mounts and pets

It’s quite sad we might not be seeing these. Would like to know if that’s really the case. Because if we are really going to get 1 bikini a year i’m assuming they are going to be the new ones.

And what about 2019 skins, looks pretty good to me. Is our market ever going to see these? Just wondering.


Perfect attire for taking on the Legion Commanders.


I know right! Right!

Undyeable 2019 skins ew


they are hot as hell

why would you dye it, it’s already perfect color <3

Naaah, undyeable = trash, i want to personalize my clothes uwu

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You don’t have to like it. There are still people who do.

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Nah, no one likes undyeable skins


man didnt even show the male ones, cuz he knows theyre trash lmfao

These DB daggers in the middle…i need them and i need them right now

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Speak for yourself.

I put the links right there, you can go see it for yourself. I put on pictures I myself main or have as alts or want as weapons.

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I know right, my blade would love those too!

ive seen the skins, and everyone can say the 2021 skins are 100x better, but i wouldnt be surprised if we got these 2019 skins

I’m not comparing which one is better 2021 or the old ones. Why you have to make the conversation about which one is better? Read my post will you?

These would look nice on my scrapper. <3


My body is ready :wink:

I never said you started comparing, I started comparing…

Also wouldn’t mind getting this Marine Look.

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