2020/2019 summer skins take a look. FOMO

We are getting the 2021’s ones. What I wanna know is what is the plan for 2019 and 2020 skins because they look good too.

and who confirmed that we’re getting the 2021 skins?

I just did, congratz.


Look at this Soul fist weapon skin. Isn’t it wonderful!

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I don’t have the link with me but it’s 2021 skins. Here link to 2021 skins they look awsome!

Here we go scroll down. I think that is the 2021 summer event and what’s why everyone is talking about 2021 being the next skin. It’s not confirmed but this indicates we are getting 2021 skins.

They use old photos all the time, when they announced thronespire they showed scouter. When they showed the Yoz Jar skins, they had Summoner and Reaper in there.

Just because an image is displayed means nothing unless they confirm that’s what we are getting.

and they showed summoner and reaper on the yoz jar thing, we got none of that, its just them using old photos

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I know they aren’t dyeable but I do want this top because I would have dyed it white anyway.


Should release them all for more options and monies.

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Those skins looks really good. :slight_smile:

A new time-limited Event! Hop in the Maharaka Paradise pool and try to push the opposing team out of the arena by firing at them with a Water Pro water gun. As the game progresses, the arena gets smaller and smaller; try and rack up points as quickly as possible to win.

They also described that this is the event we are getting which is the same one 2021 was released with.

Also why would they tease 2021 skin and then release the old one. that’s just mean!

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Well that’s a drag. Let’s hope 2021 are still the case for this year. Hopefully they also add addition skins from 2019 or 2020

Why would they show scouter with thronespire and not release scouter with it? Like I said, they are just re-using old pictures.

We may get those skins but do not think an image has any value of what actually is included as clearly shown to be the case multiple times.

And we are only just starting

I need the turtles pets please bring them here :frowning: @Roxx @Shadow_Fox


not only the image, they confirmed 2021 summer event.

Im play this game just to Pay 2 Skin. Nothing Else.

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But that’s all you have lmao