2/11 Server Questions

  1. So what will happen with servers for 2/11. Will there more set up today or tonight in preparation, or what?

  2. Will full servers be marked as such, or will new people just not see full ones in the list?

  3. Finally, is the server status here current? Is that what I could expect in the AM on 2/11? And has the West NA servers queues been decent in the evening?
    Server Status | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

Would appreciate any feedback from the player base regarding my questions in item #3, thank you!

check the annoucements…

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I’m not sure how current that web page you linked is, but in game all of NA east shows busy except two servers, and the site shows all of them as good.

Most likely the site is a good indicator of how servers are, but the in game select server screen is probably more up to date.

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Arg! Been reading the forums all day and had not yet seen that post. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks! Been reading the forums like crazy, and folks have been saying the Status pages (the link I posted) is not current at all.