217k life shards left T2 by mistake


I have 217k life shards T2 gear upgrade left. I made big mistake I purchased the ark pass premium and claimed the chests but instead of clicking to open just what I need it I by mistake open the all thing and now I’m at 1100lvl and have 217k life shards left. I was going to keep the rest to help upgrade my T3 gear and now I’m stuck. Is anything can be done.any thanks

nope. you wasted them. RIP

My Striker Got Close to 300 k without mistake xd

Makes me feel sad :pensive:

I dont know how many video there are on yt where Stoopz (la streamer) either open 2342 bags on wrong chars or wrong mats :rofl:

Also done that btw, now I carefully tripple check before I do anything in LA.

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Nope nothing you can do, until shards ever get made to be roster wide, those will be forever a stain on your character.

you CAN level your character PAST 1100 a few if you want. Going a few +'s above 15 will get you extra +'s on the T3 gear (+16 grants a +2, +17 grants a +3, etc) if you want to use a few more shards up but it also means you need to farm the other mats too.

Actually (might be wrong), but I rember t2 stops at 15, not like t1 where you go all the way to 20.

No T1 and T2 can go all the way to +20. You get 25 gear levels per level above 15. The stronghold bonus you get that gives +20% hone and 20% cheaper hones Stops at 15 so you lose those bonuses if you go higher.

302-725 (Tier 1) (Up to +20)
802-1225 (Tier 2) (Up to +20)
1302-1370 (Tier 3.1) (Blue/Purple Up to +15)
1340-1490 (Tier 3.2) (Legendary Up to +20)
1340-1565? (Tier 3.3) (Relic Up to +25)

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And I accidentally deleted 2,5k worth of shards while emptying trash from my inventory in the middle of map rotations. You could chug a beer down to ease the pain like I did. There’s nothing else that can be done no

Ya, you are correct. I mixed 1370 15 with t2 :slight_smile:

Ouch thats a rough one.