21:9 Aspect Ratio for PvP feels dumb

It just isn’t fun nor pleasing to have black bars on my screen. I get we need to be fair with the ultra-wide people, but i feel like they’re in the minority and having two huge black bars on screen is a big downer for people like me, even if i got used to it I’d prefer other solutions.
I also understand PvP is thought with this in mind, but I think the Arena PoV being tilted would work anyway on some different FoVs.

There’s a few I think are viable:

  • Add a minimap so you can know where people are regardless of FoV.
  • Let 16:9 resolutions zoom out so we have the same FoV.
  • Allow UI to overlap the Black bars.

I’m sure there’s other and better solutions for this.

I feel like this will be a barrier for many PvP people in EU as it feels very sluggish like it is right now, and the only way to not make your game look tiny is to buy a very specific kind of monitor which is also not very affordable.
This is my only complaint with PvP from a technical standpoint, everything else is so much fun but I think this change is important for EU people.


The only real pay to win in this game is having a 21:9 monitor
Samsung do the best ones… HMMM
Jokes aside, this game is a 21:9 game.


The option to emulate 21:9 is for the purpose of having no disadvantage in PvP when playing on a 16:9 monitor (fairness).

As 21:9 gives you in many games, such as FPS and other genres, a definite advantage over someone on a 16:9 I think the option to emulate 21:9 is amazing (as the game does not require you to buy a new monitor by giving you the option, compared to so many other).

If you do not like the black bars but still want to have 21:9 (ultrawide) then your only real option is to get an ultrawide monitor - this is a physical (aspect ratio) limitation, i.e. your equipment at home, and not a technical one.


The option itself to allow 21:9 on 16:9 feels more like a statement than a convenience, as I just can make any game run 21:9 from my Nvidia Control Panel.

With all due respect, making a comparison with the advantage given in FPS games is just wrong. As a competitive FPS player myself, 21:9 gives no advantage whatsoever in any competitive FPS game (CS:GO, Siege, Valorant… I played them all for a fair bit). Wider FoV in these games just makes you sloppy, and info given by this aspect ratio is irrelevant. Hell, people just go 4:3 for less FoV and better aiming…

Lost Ark on the other hand, makes its meta around this fact. Engaging from outside the screen is just a basic understanding for competitive PvP (f.e. Lost Ark PvP: In-Depth FoV & Camera Guide (How to Catch Enemies Offscreen) - YouTube). And this is just fine as a meta, but it doesn’t come down to “having an advantage”, just being able to play on an even field at all. 16:9 is just not viable.

I personally got used to 21:9 fairly quick, but I’m sure a ton of people with my background that have an interest in PvP will immediately be turned down by this fact and not even try at all, and this hurts the potential community this game would have in EU (as it is my region, I really don’t know about NA).

My concern is towards how @Roxx and the dev team understand this and if it’s ever going to be addressed, or it’s just a decision already taken. Putting up a physical and money barrier for PvP, to my understanding, will turn down people from even trying this aspect of the game that I feel is top-notch besides the Aspect Ratio fact.


Yeah sure, the game just ask to screw the visual quality of your gameplay to be competitive with the rest…

Those are your options as a 16:9 player, get hit by offscreen people or screw your resolution and visual quality…

Adding a FOV selector would fix this way better than this “force 21:9” so we can set the camera zoomed out so this 21:9 vs 16:9 wouldn’t exist because everyone would be able too see so much that those extra pixels would not matter… Kinda what happens in MMOs 3rd person, imagine limiting the zoom in a 3rd person to where you cant see anything, having a screen is an advantage because poor decisions


You posted in the already existing topic, but I’ll copy paste my answer here, the details are in the other topic:

FoV selector is not the issue, if you read the posts in this topic I made with Lukeimurdad. It’s the scaling, because you have vertical and horizontal fov. There will always be a side that feels cheated. Only solution is to force 16:9 for everybody in PvP so everyone has the same vertical AND horizontal fov.


Yes, but as I mention in my post if you zoom out so much that you see the entire arena, what those extra pixels of 21:9 do?

That’s the point, in my case I would set the zoom so I can see a 50% more than what I’m seeing, and if anyone have a wider FOV than that I just don’t care… I have no need to see people spawning i just want to see everything that is in range to hit me.

Yeah that’s one way to do it, we would have to check how small everything becomes but it could work.


Forcing 21:9 already makes everything like 30% smaller… Zooming 30% out in 16:9 would make you see 30% more without black bars and yet still have the exactly same size of character and everything else.

I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t mind the black bars; however, I’m also using a mini LED ultrawide panel that has nice blacks.

I mean, adding a fov selector doesn’t mean they have to remove 21:9 support. You could stay playing the way you do. The thing here is keeping almost everyone satisfied.


Unfortunate reality is that if you want the best 21 ratio you gotta buy a 21 monitor. end of story

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I don’t think this is the only solution, just the best we can come up with. Also, I feel like they already made that “force proportions” decision when they hardcoded a way to 21:9 on 16:9, but as the majority of people have 16:9 I don’t get why this is really a thing. Why would they make the minority a standard?

I feel strongly about the minimap working, if they find a way to show when someone is casting and other visual information. I wouldn’t mind having a worse PoV if I have the same raw information, and I’m sure they can come up with even better solutions knowing which way they want to balance their meta. Maybe even arrow indicators could work, I really don’t know.

I guess we have to wait for some @Staff to clarify the issue, or even if this is a WIP.


There are only a few ways to scale : see at the bottom of the article. The only way one side has no advantage over the other, is to force 21:9 to 16:9 in PvP. That’s all. Or allow infinite un-zoom.

Also, it would be stupid not to support 21:9 if you can, I mean the whole point of 21:9 is to see more and be immersed. It’s not about catering to the 5%, it’s about catering to everybody as best you can.


I don’t think the only solution is making PoV equal, that’s my point. There must be a way to show the information given by wider resolutions equally for all proportions, thus the minimap/arrows ideas I’ve given earlier.

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But one side would not need the minimap while the other does, and would have to look at the top right (or other corner) of the screen which in a fast paced game is a disadvantage in itself. The arrows don’t allow you to see what happens, neither does the minimap. A bigger aspect ratio is an advantage in every case. The solution I propose is a true, pure, equal ground.

First of all, is cool discussing, but try to spread the message and the feedback so more people see it so maybe the devs take it more seriously.

About the idea of black bars to 21:9 players, it would make the game as bad as it is for us (with forced 21:9) but for them, so no good.
About map alerts, is a cool idea but as other stated you need to see, not to guess and they can’t give more than guesses with a minimap, BUT even though I don’t think it would fix the FOV problem it would be such a nice addition at least to show where your teammates are (I lost them sometimes)…

I still think that improving the zoom out a 30 - 40% is the goto since it helps both 21:9 and 16:9 players, for example a 31.5% increase in zoom out would make so we could see exactly what we see with 21:9 forced including a better vertical view, and sincerely I don’t need more vision range than that.

That’s my final conclusion, the game has so long skills and so fast paced combat movement that the game feels too enclosed so people need 21:9 to have a little more vision range. Is like if a 3rd person game would limit their fov so you only see your character and a little bit more, everyone would tryhard 21:9 in that game because the lack of view, I think that’s what is happening. What do you think?

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About 2% of the people in the Steam hardware survey have a 21:9 monitor. >90% of the people surveyed had a 16:9 monitor.

How about we give black bars to the people with 21:9 monitors rather than the 16:9 monitors?


Sure. Let’s make it so that every car goes as fast as, has as few options as the cheapest ones because 90% of people have a cheap / entry level car in the world. Makes sense. (I have a 16:9 screen, no bias). Let’s forget about 4K also. Or VR. Let’s not push tech with games and other entertainment forms.


4k is 16:9, so they would have the same disadvantage that 1080p has. On that point you are, in fact, arguing that we should give the advantage to the ‘slower car’ - the smaller resolution.

Why don’t we just zoom the game out, so that 16:9 and 21:9 have the same horizontal view, but 16:9 just sees more vertically? That would be fair too, right?

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