21:9 Aspect Ratio for PvP feels dumb

Yes we already talked about this a lot in two topics and zooming in/out would be the best thing to have. Would not change vertical fov (changing fixed horizontal fov is not the same as being able to zoom in and out).

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Even if it were guesses, I could do the FoV disadvantage if I could just have a rough idea of where people are. I would trade that disadvantage just for commodity, as the difference with 21:9 would just be physically seeing the character, but I could know if they are at range.

The disadvantage would still be noticeable, but enough for me to trade it. But adding that would be more like a mechanics decision, as you would permanently know where people are, and I also like being able to play sneaky, so I don’t know how devs feel about that.

Devs acknowledging the issue and sharing their thoughts would be much appreciated, as it would shed some light on the future of PvP, and convinient for the PvP-driven season ahead of us.


The point is VERY simple ! DO you want to make players want to play the game or NOT ?

There are people who dislike this and will turn away from the game cause of this! Making it so people with 21:9 have advantage literally breaks the “pvp is balanced for all”

The very little minority of the playerbase of all games have such monitors. So the question to you and the devs do you want more players or do you want to see how long the game will last with lower population ?

This silly system needs to go simple as that! Make it so everyone is on equal footing! Why i need to play on shity / pixeled graphics cause 4% of the playerbase has 21:9 monitor?

There is a reason very popular games dont have such silly designs… Take it from there at least…
If people have problem by playing equal then they dont want balance ! I disagree with the devs if they want to back up these people instead of leaving the pvp balanced for all!


I’ve played with the black bars since Korean beta. This whole time I’ve found the forced aspect ratio to look incredible and, for me, it has almost felt like cinematic polish. Coming from Path of Exile into Lost Ark, having that option was amazing and I appreciated that it was possible. This has honestly taken me by surprise that people don’t like playing with the black bars.


This only really matters in PvP and anyone who is serious in PvP will put up with all kind of crap for an advantage. Serious PvPers play some games at crap resolutions just cause it gives a FPS improvement. Do you think they’re gonna be like “Black bars oh no!” pfft.

Those who are not serious in PvP will either play 16:9, may/may not get frustrated and either force the aspect ratio or just focus on PvE.

Right now 21:9 aspect ratio is not the norm but who knows in a few years time they stop making 16:9 monitors and all would be 21:9. Be glad that they gave us a means to not be at a competitive disadvantage to those who have the money for a 21:9 monitor in a game that supports it. They could of just left everyone at their native aspect resolution and say oh well.

would it bother you to have another option ?

That’s the thing it wouldn’t be an option. It can only be one or the other. Either (a) Force everyone to use 16:9 OR (b) Give people who has 16:9 monitors the option to emulate 21:9.

In option (a) you’re forcing those who has 21:9 monitor into a box. In option (b) the player can choose which they want to use.

I think they made the right call.

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The problem with the game is not that 21:9 players see more, the problem is that the zoom limit should be the max range of everything and a bit more, and is not like that.

The game in 16:9 pvp feels like zooming in a lot in 3rd person mmo to the point that people hit you from the sides and you can’t see them…
What would you do in that game if that happens? buying a 21:9 screen? Ask devs to force 21:9?
I just see zooming out the way to go, if you feel that you need to see more buying a screen or force a resolution doesn’t make any sense when you can simply scroll down and see what you feel you need to see.

The zooming out more feature would make so this confrontation in 16:9 vs 21:9 would not exist, extra pixels in 21:9 make this huge difference because the game feels bounded. I know this for a fact because I played games with 21:9 support in which it doesn’t give any advantage becase you don’t need to see more of what you are seeing.

That’s the only way I can find that doesn’t disturb anybody.

I understand people that doesn’t need extra vision or the guys that are used to force 21:9 and feel cool with it, but guys if there’s a need there’s a reason I don’t think trying to stop something that doesn’t come in any harm to you is a good way to do things. As a developer myself I try so everything I do is the way almost everyone wants, and if there’s an easy way to fix that, why not doing it?

Jedi_Ninja: This only really matters in PvP and anyone who is serious in PvP will put up with all kind of crap for an advantage. Serious PvPers play some games at crap resolutions just cause it gives a FPS improvement. Do you think they’re gonna be like “Black bars oh no!” pfft.

I used to be an ESL player in cs 1.6 then cs:go (played ESL for like 5 years and counter franchise over 10 years) and I played 4:3 with black bars on sides so I can understand its usage.
Here is a complete different thing though, we ain’t talking about being top 10 players, here we talking (at least I do) about comfort and visual awareness and quality. I don’t want to choose between being shoot off screen or have a good visual quality.

An analogy to this is as if in cs “default_fov” command would be limited to 60 (default is 90) and a 21:9 screen would make so “default_fov” is 90, in that case everyone would be criticizing the game because that difference is unfair, but no one is talking anything about 4:3 and low res people because the difference is 10ms response time for the frames and a bit of pixel accuracy. but those 30 fov is the difference between feeling a good visual awareness or not, that exactly what is happening here.

If with what we can see would be enough no one would need more, only people aiming to the top would want those extra pixels, but if a dude sees me respawn I don’t care, I just want to see who is shooting me and don’t feel like watching a hollywood 90s film in the process.

pls dont make any changes, i just bought a 400€ 21:9 monitor for this game and i want to feel superior :smiley:


Precisely this is what I was talking about.

I hope we get a Devs response on this because I feel like it is a key point for me and my friends at the very leas.

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I have a n00b question. So I have been using my tv which is a lg cx 65inch. It’s connected to hdmi rtx3080. Can I use 21:9 or am I stuck with the 16:9? Yes this is a super n00b undeserving of such tech I r schmaart question but if I can how do I do that !? :upside_down_face:

The game has a option to force 21:9 even if your TV is 16:9 however this make your game a letter box :slight_smile:

You do know that there is a reason for this? Even with everyone using the same aspect ratio it’s about positioning and getting the ranged members of your team in a position where they can see the enemy and the enemy can’t see them. Or the melee engage by surprise. This was deliberate for tactical feature designed into the game mode.

Even with the FoV improvement in Kr this is still a feature.

U need 3090ti to use 21:9 on tv time to upg your outdated video card

Key point ? Don’t like black bars in PvP get ultrawide force 21:9 at 16:9 don’t make u disadvantage I play over 2000 ranking games at Force 21:9 ,after I upg on ultrawide monitor only difference I can see no black bars.ppl still surprising me cuz of my bad positioning not cuz of fov, some ppl just like cry on thinks wich no matter to hide there lack of understanding game


21:9 is an inconvenience. I deal with the black bars.

If I stopped playing games just because of an inconvenience, I would ditch this game cause they want you to click to move instead of WASD while using the mouse to change your character facing.

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and here I am wishing there was 32:9 :sleepy:


Why make a beautiful game with great art and then force the majority of the playerbase to run it in 720p letterbox to stay competitive. There are many ways around this problem without ruining ultrawide support but ultrawide users don’t even want to consider the slightest compromise.

I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on my setup to play a game with 720 resolution. The black bars are not a problem.

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720p ??:joy: don’t know where you get that info but I run on 3440-1440p

Are you capable of seeing with your eyes? When you put black bars on the top of the screen you’re cutting the vertical resolution. I mean… Duh?