21k Queue, been waiting 4 hours, still not in

Yeah this is not acceptable, i have payed for this game. Can we refund? I dont like this, pay for a game but cant play the game. This is not ok guys.

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You did not pay for this game, you paid for early access and some pixels which is now finished as the game is now released to everyone on the free to play basis.

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Where was the early acces since every day we had maintenance and server restarts… cmon

13k is approx. 4 hours, 21k would be 5-6.

there is a life outside the pc and tbh waiting 5/6h in queque is not worth my time

No mate you are wrong.

You payed to play without queues for 3 days first of all.
Come on its only a coffee every day outside if you payed an 14.99
Higher than 14.99 its a coffe with water and some biscuits and if you where from those 100 euros then u wanted everything for those three days u wanted those waitress with mini serving you everything.

So dont regret your payment just close your eyes and think how fcking great was those three days

Have you guys never played MMOs on launch week before? Im not excusing 21k queue, but a login queue is to bw expected, and they always die down aftwr the first week or so

What you paid for ended 2 days ago and you got what you paid for. You paid to open the game and some fluff items thats it. No ifs or buts, you got it.

amazon should be dishing out the 3 days of Crystalline Aura for every day people are stuck in the queues. any company who goes with amazon games obviously don’t know how bad they actually are. I feel sorry for the game company for being stuck with amazon as its publisher

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At least you can queue! :joy: :joy: Some of us aren’t as privileged as you.

They should compensate the people who paid for a head start and are able to play . And they have . Lets be happy the game is good and everyone want to play it :slight_smile:

It’s literally not true. E.g. if Crystal Aura is active. They should compensate these players. But I think Amazon won’t.

I,ve been queueing since the maintenance ended and I still have 600 people in front of me!! This is UNACCEPTABLE Amazon!!!

Because everyone leaves!

Server capacity seems capped at around 25 K, and there are 500 000 wanting to play in Europe alone, divided by 19 servers. In other words, we need the double amount of servers.

People with premium should get server priority :wink:

wrong, we paid for and expected a subscription service ‘Crystaline Aura’ so yes we did pay for this game, unlike others that should be in there own f2p queue and only let in when all subscription buyers are able to get into the server of their own choice

if you want to be pedantic

We already had queques during the head-start, fairly big ones, and the launch then caused steam to crash for 1h and half, then they increased the pop and that was it.

We all knew what was gonna happen but they then do a 1 day maintenance and make a surprised pikachu face when servers are not enough lol.

The whole thing was just managed horribly, duplication bugs, 6pm launches that were delayed both times to late night, prime time maintenance causing big ques right after, launch in weekend that tunnels all players in at the same time (no it doesn’t put everyone on the same field cause the headstart was during week so anyone that cared about keeping with them would’ve pre ordered), ecc ecc, but to be fair the server were extremely stable and i found basically no bugs other than the ones related to overload.

Spent probably 3x time in que rather than playing tough.
But the game is absolutely worth it.

No - you paid for Early Access, which we all got (those who paid anyway). The Aura was part of the Early Access package as well as other things and once you are in game you will have the Aura still (hence the so called compensation for Aura).

Don’t get me wrong, I am very disappointed with having to queue, 21k+ today (at least I am queuing) some cannot even queue to queue, but there is nothing we can do about it, but saying that we paid for the game is wrong.

The aura only lasts 30days (forget the extra 3 days) and then you have to renew, why should we renew to queue for hours? Premium should have priority to the queues, granted it will still be busy for the next month but after then not everyone will continue to buy it each month.

They should also region lock EU the exact same as they done with US east and west. That would lower alot of the times down as well.

Always the same, American company kicking EU to the side, yet EU is probably their biggest player base.