22-23 paladins in top 100 lmao

IF I’m correct lost ark has 13 classes, and 2 more on the way in later patches.

Paladins make up almost 25% of the top 100.

Sorcs are about 14% or so. I counted around 13-14 in top 100.

Gunslingers are around 12-13%. (Also this class is ridiculously scripted)

Deathblades are like 13%.

IF you’re a huge fan of this game thats cool, but looks at this objectively from top 100-200 rankings and not to mention, this PVP is unwatchable, it’s only slightly fun to play.

You should probaly be willing to change some classes that clearly dominate and are alot easier to push with, or leave it as it is because the game has had private servers and people playing on other regions 2 years in advanced so is already kind of a meme with solo que and everything.

If you play one of these classes im sure you think your class is hard, but I’m just looking at it objectively through top 100s.

Edit: i’ve played both paladin and bard, and I switched to pala from bard just to see the difference and rating climbing is million times easier, i just think this class is mind numbing kind of like artilierest. the game should stray away from having classes that are blatantly easier than their counterparts its lame lazy design

They wont do anything they dont care. Just want money and wont fix thag

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Balance comes from Korea, if Koreans are okay with it then there won’t be any changes. Our feedback in stuff like balance is completely irrelevant and pointless, you’re just wasting your buttons on that keyboard.

If you don’t enjoy the PvP just stop playing it, that’s exactly what I did. Maybe if the numbers drop low enough they start looking at it.


They won’t :wink:


IDK it’s pretty easy to talk about it in discussions while in the middle of ques.

It just more so a “stop wasting time on forums” as you waste your time on the forums lmao, relax it takes no time at all. By the way u perfectly format your post and add little pictures and even post history i can tell u spend way more time here than i do. Forums may server some purpose since NA/EUs market is huge

I repeat this from several days. Paladins dominating in PvP and they are maybe the only class right now who need some adjustment in short time for PvP. Don’t touch them in PvE pls :smiley: Some longer cd on their shield or reduce their tankiness at least. In normals you can see tons of Paladin alts who prepare for ranked. They are like the zerk bots :smiley:

First good post ive seen all day

Oh, it wasn’t really an attack on your time spent on this forum, just more about highlighting the fact that our opinions don’t really matter. That’s just how these imported Korean MMORPGs work. I think BDO is a good example of this, even the developers said that the game is far more successful in the western market, but all the changes and content comes based on the Korean feedback. I guess the only thing we can do is to keep trying and see maybe we are lucky, who knows maybe this one is the unicorn of the Korean MMORPG, and they will actually listen.

Paladin + Sorc/Artillerist = Cheese mode

I think most pvp comps will like a paladin or a bard and the fights are almost always much intuitive when they are around. So no, 22-23 paladins in top 100 just means that bard needs to be buffed so players don’t just stick with paladin.

Also, many of the weaker classes need some buffs to be good.

This game is already a meme with the stagger trash. You proably should just slightly nerf over-performers instead of making every class annoying to play against. This game will do terribly mark my words. The only interesting thing about lost ark atm is that it is “new”.

The game feels unique for sure just feels like every other MMO i’ve tried has been more interesting, more responsive, more thought engaging, and less of a shit show. Every pvper I’ve talked to from WoW has said the same thing “game is definitely unique but the pvp feels really bad”. I’d expect massive drop offs within weeks, so I’m unsure what devs can do even.