220 kindness required for a rapport quest?

Hi all,
to get past “amicable” rapport status with Ealyn in North Vern it requires completing a quest called “Magick is fun”. But to get the quest I need 220 Kindness !!!
I am stuck at 190 and have gotten all kindness potions from the adventure’s tome.
How/where can I get those extra 30 points in kindness? I’ve also done every yellow side quest in the game up until Feiton.

Thank you in advance!!

I think you need to advance to tier 3 to get more kindness from the main quest/side quests.
There’s also gear that you can equip that provides these stats, like the 10+ charisma music instrument we got for free this month. There’s also consumables, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Just play all the side content and you will naturally get there eventually. You can also open your CODEX ingame and search for the stat in the search bar and it will show you where to get potions for that. But there are a lot of other sources. You get +1/+2 from a lot of sidequests and other pieces of content.

I just finished Rohendel: