24hrs past, still no second founders pack

I claimed my Gold Founders Pack I believe on the 13th, its now been 25hrs since they said they’d start rolling out the second pack, yet I still havent recieved mine?

Anychance it could be a little late? I’m starting to get worried im not gonna get my second one :’( And the fact I moved to EUW for the better Queues and Ping, and cant get a character transfer (Which would make SO MANY PEOPLE happy) is scaring me even more…

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Still no notification and i’ve been playing all day.

The same thing happened to me, it reached my friends except me, I contacted support and they told me to wait.

just arrived

same here, no founders pack after 24h :frowning:
Name: Ekilen
Server: Moonkeep

There’s another thread with 5k+ people like us… hopefully soon…

Same issue, No second Founder Pack in my product inventory :sob:

Character : Vaillance
Server: Trixion

Okay now, i’ve 3 items waiting in my product inventory but i cannot claim them… 'Guess it’s that, i hope.

Hello folks!

I’m sorry to hear about your situation with your second founders pack.

We have an official response from one of our CM regarding this issue:

Also if you want you can add your information to this thread:

We appreciate the patience provided while we finish to send the packs.

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:

Thanks for the informations, as i said before it looks like i recieved mine but I can’t claim it and i don’t have access to the Store (propably bcs of the lags).
Just in case if it’s a bug or if you have a way to unlock it :
IGN : Kwzprttttt
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