-24k gold per week next week, how am I supposed to progress?

Hey, I will repost here some calcul I did on another post and want advice on what is the best to do now, as I feel i’m exactly in the “hole” where I get no reward from the honning buff of tomorrow and just lose a tons of gold.

I have

5 char under 1475 is
8500 gold less for me per week with argos
3 char doing valtan hard per week is
4500 gold less for me per week
4 chars doing vikas normal per week is
6800 gold less for me per week
2 chars doing valtan normal per week is
4200 gold less for me per week

Meaning with my current roster, where I play the highest content it can, I get -24000 gold per weeks. It seem that the less impacted people will be those that already are at high roster ilvl and also all the rmters and other big bussers.

Also, I managed to make come back in game my 1370-1400 friend and they will loose all their gold revenus with the death of Oreha and Argos, making them struggling to get skins or other nice stuff …


They removed gold cost from honing, nerfing gold = less inflation = cheaper mats/etc. so in the end youll be getting about the same amount of value for your gold.

Now is the perfect time to push your characters for more gold.


With these nervs it feels like they forgot that new players still need to pay high prices for engravings and accessoires.
When this happened in KR everybody had bought their books and most accs so it doesn’t impacts as much but here yikes.


Gold nerf = less inflation = cheaper prices bro.

Basic shit


My chars are above the honing gold nerf that is until 1445, still full price for 1445+


If you think prices will decrease when most of the playerbase is 1500 and above then i don’t know xD People will just move on to Clown


Prices will actually decrease since the amount of gold a bot can generate will be way lower… if you can’t understand this the conversation is over lol


just do clown, son


The real question is: Why does it took AGS this much time to release a gold nerf?

They should have release this since Valtan lmao

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I have only my main that can do it.
And as I get 24k gold less per weeks and no honning reduction it will be more harder than before


Mats prices will drop, why can’t you understand? inflation will go down

I almost don’t buy mats

Thenw hat you do with your gold? you save it forever? then why you talking about “progression” if you dont buy mats? i dont get it… you just want to argue for the sake of arguing?

If you are looking for 90+ quality, then sure they are expensive af. Same engravings with 30 quality is like 10% of the price.
You don’t need 1800 spec on 1415 when you can’t even survive Argos pizza.


People are so stupid, the amount of gold a bot can produce per week now is super low now, that means RMTers will sell the gold for a higher price and inflation will be reduced…
Prices of everything will get cheaper so in the end you will be able to buy about the same amount of shit without those 24k gold.

But why im supposing that people can use their head in the forums? lol


all his chars are above 1445 so these buffs don’t affect him.

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It’s you that want to arg, I explained my situation and the golds I loose

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Thats irrelevant, inflation will get reduced.

We were the only version of the game that was getting more gold on argos and oreha bro, this change is needed.

For sure a little torn on this. I can just drop Valtan on all my gold earners and stick to clown if I want to make the same gold.

But I feel this sorta creates a small semi-dead zone in a way for new players. Obviously gold isn’t removed, just nerfed.

So while new/lower players won’t need gold to hone until 1445, they don’t even do HM Valtan until then. From there they need to hone until 1490 from 1445 with reduced gold generation from Valtan & Argos.

I think maybe Valtan gold nerf should apply to a character once it hits 1490. Either lowered or removed. If that’s their intention.

Also, do we know if anything is changing with fusion materials while honing? Like are they still needed until 1445 while honing.


I believe the bots have had issues producing gold right now since they cannot trade below 1375 and have to get carried through oreha or Argos to reach that ilvl.

Did you see that this gear is now going to be able to be sold on the ah?

What stops bots from just buying this gear, honing to 1375 and then going right back to mass farming fish and gems?