25 years, first time quitting a game because of que times

I grew up in the 80’s, have played pc games since the 90’s.

My first MMOs were WOW and Asherons Call and only quit those since friends outgrew them.

Never, in over 25 years playing PC games have I ever decided to quit a game because I couldn’t log in, until today, and Lost Ark wins that award.



Well to be honest WoW queues were legit players. If at least the queues were real players probably people would be ok waiting, now with bots swarming this shit like a zerg infestation I don’t blame you at all feels the company responsible doesn’t care at all to solve this issue.


The queue only hurts because we all know they all arent real players.


The queues here are also real players, but thats because the bots which don’t log off have taken all the server slots.

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Check out that phone game everyone is hating on right now. See if the content seems so hard that you have to whale. If you think it does force you to whale, just quit and you’ve lost zero dollars.

Start using auto clickers.

it’s worse, since you can"t log in but bots are playing instead of you & stealing your time & AGS/SG won’t care.

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Not only that but bots are MAKING money while we PAY money to wait in queue, f$%# that s%^$.

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later tater!

I was just thinking the same thing while staring at this 14k queue i just logged into. Why am I doing this? Probably better to just quit while ahead I guess.

Sadly, despite maybe getting a message saying they’re sorry and they care, they’re actions prove they do not. The CM’s might care because they have a more personal stake in the situation but AGS/SG higher ups clearly don’t care. They’ll only start caring when it affects their bottom line. I’m kind of glad to see more and more posts like this, because it’s only a matter of time before it does start to affect their bottom line and they’ll finally do something about it or who knows maybe they won’t even then…

I love how the entire NA was laughing at EU when we were having queues anywhere from 14k to 20k+ every day and now as soon as they are the ones ending up with queues, they just dedicate an entire post on the forum to how they’re quitting the game.

It got resolved for EU, it will be resolved for NA.

Wasn’t laughing but that sucked having that many actual players waiting to play with other real players, it does suck but that isn’t what’s happening now in west.

There are trolls on the forum, idk who laughed but they’re not representative of normal players… though many normal players quit by now

You realise those were real players, right ? It’s not the same. The servers were overpopulated. NA are infested with bots, so much so, the real players are waiting in line in order to play the game.

And then you realise this :

And you can see why many are saying eFF it and quit.

Solclaim here. Had more fun in that game than any other game in my lifetime. Had it’s issues but was a great experience, overall.

I was not one of those laughing at EU, I thought it sucked for them and was glad it got sorted…I’ve been waiting for a good ARPG/MMO for literally decades as this point so this is especially frustrating since I like the game, just can’t play it

To be fair, that series is why I got into ARPGs in the first place, the old Blizzard was a force in the PC gaming scene and D was the pinnacle of ARPGs for decades…this latest one is not worthy of being part of that series since it’s 3 with massive, massive p2w added to it :frowning:

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Mari had a 20k queue yesterday, was 14-18k saturday. It’s only going to get worse too. This has been a problem for months and it never gets better.