2500 hours and still never been on Platinum field

I have 70 platinum tickets chilling in my bag. I want to do platinum field but never done before, so which one is the best field to go to? How I find other 3 people to join?

Run it as a mission in your stronghold

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Best to run it is to farm flowers for potions. and actually it’s most beneficial to run it alone than with others.

I would suggest to watch some youtube on the guides on how to do it effectively. But rough idea is

  1. First 5-10 minutes is focused on finding the right flowers, mine, and tree to get the buffs and open secret area. These are Cypress tree (if i’m not wrong), pure white herb and atlite. Basically search on the map like you search islands and go find them.
  2. Once the buff is maxed out, you will get access to the secret area. Thats when you actually get huge rewards
  3. Any leftover time you can jsut come out of the secret area and collect anything you want.
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Just go there and do 15 minutes of worth free fishing solo. It does not use life energy in there. The rewards mats for doing what your supposed to are rubbish.

do not do this. you get like 5% of the value you get from running it alone.

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Elaborate please, with math instead of your feeling.

You need to first clear all Flowers before bringing back the 4th thing because when opening secret area is also reset all the flower that you previously got.

So you do :
Get 3 of the thing back => collect all flower => get 4th thing back > Collect all flowers again.

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sounds really good too. the secret map itself takes at most 1 minute. So to maximise the use of ticket we can do that before entering secret map.

Using the field ticket on ships,i assume, rewards extremely low value. A single ticket run provides you 1500+ white rarity flower. I have never used it on ships before because i know the ticket is worth HUGE amount of value if you use it correctly. So you can try it and compare with my run. The rest is based on your judgment. 15 minute run to get 1500+ white rarity and 800+ greens and more mushrooms vs 5-second click-and-collect to get XX amount. Do the experiment yourself xD

People are suggesting something. It is YOUR job to decide on testing it out or not.