2500+ hours in Playing Mayhem zerker explains why Mayhem needs a buff

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this will get any attention, but i would like to voice my concerns about mayhem and i hope it does get some attention. So as the title says i play 6 zerkers all above 1430 ilvl and got 2500+ hours in Lost Ark. I solo bus valtan on my main and i reached masters in arena as zerker so i would describe myself as a good zerker player and that i understand the class.

Simply put, Mayhem right now is a HIGH risk and low reward class. It is the most squishy class right now, we are more squishy then a sorc and gunslinger but melee. A warrior class should never be this squishy while having average damage. I agree with that Mayhem was broken before its nerf, healing with green potions ect. But they nerfed it way to much.

You can fix Mayhem in two ways, you either buff their damage or revert the dmg nerf they got and leave them as squishy as they are right now so they actually turn into a high risk high reward class. Or you buff them defensively and turn them into mid risk and mid reward class. The current damage of a mayhem zerker is neither bad or good, the best thing about a mayhem zerker is their stagger and consistent DPS and that’s it.

I prefer the first option, because the berserker class is supposed to deal good damage at the cost of defensive capabilities and being clunky & having the risk of being animation locked. I prefer the first option, because the berserker class is supposed to deal good damage at the cost of defensive capabilities and being clunky & having the risk of being animation locked. Even though a warrior class being as tanky as a DPS bard is just wrong.

I got the EHP table from someone on reddit. It is actually worse then I expected. And hopefully nobody needs to explain why mayhem zerkers don’t just use VMA & FOG. Also to clarify by many experienced players, streamers ect. Mayhem is not even in the top 5 in DPS in KR right now and their forum is flooded by complaints about mayhem.!

Thanks for reading, if you agree or disagree with me then leave it in the comments!


ain’t gonna happen so stop your spam.
The build is just fine the way it is right now. Everything else is clearly just a skill issue and you do something wrong even with 2500+h with this class. Besides that 14h a day ain’t healthy mate.

There was no change with the upcoming KR balance patch so it’s certainly not needed.


I respectfully disagree.

It isn’t as bad as your post suggests. To me, as Entropy enjoyer, I’m neither lacking damage nor is it high risk low reward. Quite the opposite, actually. Mayhem is in a good spot.


stop your spam.

The irony of this comment, I hope, is not lost on you.

:thinking: :thinking:

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If mayhem is so bad, why haven’t you switched it for zerk technique yet? I’ve met BT zerks twice. You literally asking for more nerfs.

i wonder if that picture is actually yours or real, because entropy is not meta or good in anyway for Mayhem.

because changing 6 zerkers is not free

It most likely will happen because it is needed, do you play mayhem yourself? I tried deleting my other post but couldn’t i wanted it to be in the game feedback section. And i don’t do anything wrong i do all content including solo bus valtan as described, i am not complaining because it is difficult to play for me, i am complaining because it is the most squishy class and does bad damage compared to other classes. The kr forum is flooded about complaints about mayhem as well.

Why, because Maxroll says you have to play Nightmare? Nah fam I’m good on Entropy, hitting all the back attacks (Ambush Master 3 is also juicy) and taking home mvp’s left and right.

I did the math and extensive testing, Entropy hits just right for me and my playstyle.


You’re the only one who complains about it. Nobody else cared much about the minor change since weeks.

My last post in your other topic gives you your answer to your question. Go use your brain and figure it out on your own

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Then you haven’t been looking around.

nobody opens up a topic every 20h to complain about the same stuff. also you’re the only one on reddit complaining about shit. Idk man your problem sounds like a skill issue to me

so… this post about what ?

the guy who play ONLY berseker, ONLY mayhem complain about dmg? balance? you want to be TOP DPS class?
did you even know about others class ?

and if you think you do bad dmg… maybe its your skill issue, not a class ?

Zerker is really annoying to play with all these bosses moving so much.

so, when you start to play game… what you did 1st? you chose class what you want play with…

and you chose to play with 6x or more bersekers(i dont even ask you why)

and its your desision becouse you know what you do…its totaly fine,

now players complaining becouse class have something you dont like… hmm… every class have positives and negatives things, one more faster, second do more dmg but move slower, one stay in mid, one is range class(can be more mobility and positions not that important), others only back attack or front…

maybe its time to play with other class, maybe you will be more happy ? maybe you will see this balance betwean all class ?

or players want a class with no NEGATIVE things? perfect chose. perfect for any situation ?


I’m gonna quote ATK on this, since he has a great take on it: “Don’t blame the balance of the class, maybe you’re just bad”

Lost Ark has one of the best class balancing I’ve ever seen. Usually if a class performs badly it’s because of the player.
If you don’t like being that squishy there’s always Berserkers Technique. It’s extremely tanky and about the same dmg if you play it right.

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Maybe you need that “We’ll meet again” Card Set Awakened equiped.

As a Mayhem Zerker, I agree that it is a squishy class. But… But if you are BUSSING and for sure you cannot dodge everything they throw at you, you’ll end up dying if you dont equip the right CARD set. Yes, Lost Wind Cliff is good and Light of Salvation is the best. But keep in mind that to keep that DPS going is to avoid being 1 shotted or I’ll say dont die too soon.

Even with this class balance coming up which Beerserker Technique gonna get a HUGE buff (at the moment, we’ll see in the final balance notes), im gonna stay MAYHEM. I like how fast it moves and attacks.

The only complaint I have for MAYHEM is the MAYHEM EFFECT is dogshit. You cant even tell if your MAYHEM Zerker gone crazy because of that white AURA EFFECT is not the best for a CRAZY/MADNESS effects.

People deliberately choose to play a class that has 25% HP, stack grudge and cdoll on top of it and then complain they die?

Maybe, just maybe, don’t use grudge if you’re not good enough and do 4% less damage with another engraving, but don’t get one-shot?

Gunlancer is a class that doesn’t care about grudge because they’re shielded all the time. Zerker is the other way around. If you’re not a highly skilled player, don’t pretend to be one.

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I completely agree with OP. I’ve played mayhem since launch, currently at 1477.5. A lot of people here are saying to run WMA and FOG and what not. No one runs anything other than LoS or LWC at high level content (besides striker). It’s silly to say that mayhem zerkers should be the exception. If you run the hardest content at ilvl, you are nearly one shot by every single thing in raids. Which mean you HAVE to pot to full health every time. Like OP said, it’s HIGH risk LOW reward because you still get outdamaged by similar skilled players at the same ilvl who have much less risk built into their classes.

Again I agree with OP that there needs to be a change to either bring the damage up to match the risk. Or just have the two meet in the middle.

Most of the people replying don’t play mayhem at the highest level content, so they don’t quite understand. Running Vykas HM day one at ilvl is much different than doing yohos or kungelanium. You aren’t going to be able to dodge every single attack pattern (obviously you should always be able to handle special boss mechanics). Zerker should not be the only class that can’t run their optimal card sets.

I’m currently in the process of main switching to destroyer because I like the gameplay better, and I’m sick of constantly be in fear of being one shot. Basically the same amount of attack lockout, so it’s not too much of a change, while also being 10 times tankier. Who knows, maybe Berserker Technique is the future.

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