2600 BC for 1100 RC pack

For anyone who doesn’t know, there’s this one time great value offer in store. If you’re planning to get an additional character slot next week 10 extra bucks will go a long way.

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The level complete pack has been in the store since the game release last year its nothing new at all

but hes right , alot of people never looked at them , because they dont use the cash shop regulary or search for special bundles

so a good note

Oh indeed, need to check it out! Thx

2600 BC could buy you alot of Crystalline Aura, about 6 months worth. Since it applies to your account and not just roster makes it interesting. Go check the web and see…

What is this pack ? Can’t find it : /

It a lvling pack you can buy 1 time a roster. Its in the shop under packs. Every 10 lvls you get blue cystals, by time you are 50 you should have 2600 cystals. People use this sometimes with the vern powerpass, with the pass you will be 50 and you get all 2600 at once. If you buy the cystal pack for $19.95 you can buy both vern pass and lvling pack.