2769 hours, this is my limit and the end for me, here is my feedback before i go

People blame amazon a lot but i think 90% of the shit in the game is because of smilegate, nobody else.

I dont like pheons system no matter the excuses, its a sick predatory system and there is alternatives to make a market healthy.

I dont like dailies, its extremely painful to do. Same for cube, same for boss rush and every island of the game.

I dont like the fact that i have to do many content on a precise time, particulary the week end when u gotta do these 2 islands to get ur gem lvl 5. You have to be as punctual as going to work, ill never understand why we cant go every hour on those like chaos gate. I also dont understand why we cant do it the morning before reset day. Why i cant do my chaos gate at 9am, 2 hours before reset ? Idk. Im not here to work, but to play, to have fun and i dont feel like it since months.

I dont like that monster hunter world system for raid boss, its tilting everyone, its provoking conflict between players for a story of 1 or 2 minutes. At the same time i understand everyone, some wanna go faster cause “they have to do” their dailies even they hate it. And some dont wanna waste a single penny in it cause they are in trouble to make enough gold to build and hone every character.

So its a race of (gold/time) all the time, thats why the gatekeep is absurd, but the unhealthy system of the game is provoking that.

And ofc the lack of supports. People wait hours to get into the damn raid sometimes cause supports are always going in the highest gigachad group they find. So normal people can not get into the raid for a very long time.

90% of skins are in my opinion complete garbage and i feel like you have no idea how to make money in the west. And on that, AGS has the biggest responsability cause its publisher thing.

DCs/freeze/AH/Bots/optimization in general is complete garbage. The conditions under which the players play are unacceptable. I feel like you have too much ego smilegate to ask people for help. You cant fix problems, just hire people more competent to help u solve it. You cant leave your community under these conditions. Unacceptable.

And the way you ignore people from the west is also unacceptable. Idc if u have a deal with a publisher, u are still the developper and its ur duty to keep a relation with the whole community from everywhere in the world. The way you treat your community is extremely disrespectful.

That being said, you manage to release a support class that we hard need in our region for the reasons i said previously in almost 5 months. Absolutely unacceptable and disrespectful with all the shit your community is going through atm.

This is all the reasons why i quit now. I could say more (like the lack of communication, the lack of variety in builds and some other things) but my message is long enough.
I wanted to wait the games im interested of, coming out in 2023 before i quit, but i cant handle lost ark anymore. Its just too much pain, i enjoy only 5% of my time in the game. I would be a masochist to stay.

Goodbye everyone


Goodbye. You have valid reasons to quit. Lost ark definitely not for you, so sorry to hear that you need 2769 hours to realize that.
Lots of good games will come out in 2023, maube you’ll find the right one for you.

Happy holidays :innocent:


Human being always “hope” for changes. And when they never come, at some point, u finally move on.

Yes i already know which ones :blush:

Thank you, happy holidays !


tl:dr you don’t like pretty much anything in the game, yet you spent 2700 hours playing it.

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yes, because there was the stuff/ilvl evolution reward that kept me motivated even though I’ve hated doing so many things for months now. And new problems have come in the last 2 months, not to mention the roadmap. Which means that I have absolutely no motivation to invest myself more in the game. And as i said, i expected reactions and changes from smilegate but they didnt do anything, they even completly ignored us. So, yeah…Enough is enough


I feel sorry for you. The game is in a bad state, we dont known how much this will continue. A lot people are quitting after beat Brelsh Gate 6, and honestly this Raid seens the “Finale” of the game. Not everyone is going to Akkan on 1% chance Honing and High costs. I wish good luck in your freedom and new journey! :heart:


We blame Amazon they server and censorship? O

i feel the exact same about brelshaza, looks like the end of the game anyway.

Thank you very much ! wish you the same


Thanks!! You already have a new game or MMO to go?

censorship doesnt bother me, i rly dont care, i just want a good game to play.

And about servers you are wrong my friend. There is instability between the EAC and something in our files or programs. An instability that sometimes causes a disconnection. Some in my country even have an instability problem between the game and a specific internet operator which also causes these disconnections. The Amazon servers are solid, it’s smilegate that needs to release a patch to eradicate these instabilities. But they are extremely incompetent in this area and refuse to ask for help.

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No mmo sadly for now. I backed on league and apex, these games are toxic but this is just for the moment. Im waiting Forspoken january 24th from square enix and many other games are coming later :blush:
im also waiting The first descendant, i played the beta, i hope we wont wait too long , but its 2023 for sure


I really liked read you post, there is so many things that i’m also feeling and if there was better game i would be out in secend maybe when diablo is out or that new harry potter game i’m out but meanwhile i’m masochist that need lost ark. And after first month lost ark its about 10% fun and 90% more like work. hope they fixes it soon but pretty sure they will not. Anyway good luck with you next game and lets hope its better one


korean developers are always like this when their game is published in western :weary:

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tl:dr you don’t like pretty much anything in the game, yet you spent 2700 hours playing it.

I do understand why people spend a lot of time then decide to quit it

This is the same as a relationship.

You first get interested in it, then spend a lot time learning it because you are hooked into it. Eventually you get yourself too deep in, you realize there are so many things you hate or stop liking, but at this point it’s already a part of your daily things, so you probably don’t want to give it up and hope it will somehow get better. You are stuck with it. Only when the pain is max, you have to give up.


Worst part about this all is that the solution is pretty easy. 1 chaos and 1 guardian per day with adjusted rewards and change the damn anti cheat app and release artist earlier. But no… they just want us to quit.

  1. Pheon system is designed to help inflation, without pheons, blue crystals will be for 10k gold or more. With pheons, people need to spend gold on blue crystals and reduce their prices. Without pheons, accesories would be much more expensive, there will be none accesories on market or people will have milions of gold, cause they cant spend it anywhere.

  2. You dont have to do anything, wtf, i changed my mind set few months ago, i dont do dailis quest, i dont do islands, i dont do gems islands, i dont do chaos gate or world bosses, you find the game more relaxing and you dont need these stuff.

  3. Hope they change guardian raids to do just 1 per day, the system was designed like that back then, when there wasnt any raids or stuff to do, from that time smilegate added so much stuff to do. I agree.

  4. Lack of support will be better, even 2nd week now, more supports alts got to 1500, few more weeks and they will reach 1520 also. The main problem is on G5-G6 now, which most of the alts cant reach now.

  5. In-game stuff like skins are coming slowly from KR version, amazon cant really do anything about it, just release them faster, if you dont like it, dont buy it, but game needs it.

  6. Actually DCs got little btter recently, bots are somehow conected, dont think they really destroy the martket that much.

You always can take a break and after month or more you will be ready to get back a lot of friends had it like this, with your hours, you play every day seems like and it can be overhelming. Taking break will not change much in your progress now.


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It’s not always that. It’s more like there are things you still enjoy in the game so you put up with all the other bullshit. Eventually you feel like it’s not worth it anymore.

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2450 hours, only reason im still here is because dont know where to go…


Come here bro, come with me, lets join WOW

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Agree totally

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