28/04 Patch Feedback

The shop changes and justification as to why gem chests are being removed is absurd.

Edit: apparently its 3*5 packs but it wasnt clearly reflected in the patch notes, much better :slight_smile:
Edit: and 500k silver. not too bad

"* Gem Chests have been removed in order to combat excess bot farming.

  • The following items have been added to the weekly reward pool:
    • Legendary - Rare Card Pack (3)
    • Regulus’ Light Currency Chest (1)
    • Uncommon Class Engraving Chest (10)
    • Uncommon Combat Engraving Chest (10)
    • Rare Class Engraving Chest (10)
    • Rare Combat Engraving Chest (10)
    • Epic Class Engraving Chest (10)
    • Epic Combat Engraving Chest (10)"

These additions are also incredibly pathetic with no sign of a legendary card pack and only 3 card packs and 100k silver a week. HUH. There has also been no signs of fixing the gold deflation issue ie injection of gold despite the promises made since the crisis. No concrete or vague plans in sight. At the very least give 1-2 gold book class selections that is bound to help progression in engravings while preventing bots from selling. The solution to most things where bots are an issue is to make it bound.

Also the removal of gold from the base story is extremely strange as that would mean new players go into T1 with basically 0 gold causing new players to be confused and potentially move away from the game.


What gold deflation? Wut?
Gold is where it should be.

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Books can be traded only once, there is no possibility to flip book market (fortunately) thats why it cost 0 pheons, stones should be the same though…