2k queue on mari at 3 am

started at 2.1k Screenshot by Lightshot
that ingenious ip and vpn ban surely did an amazing job AGs, now it takes me 30 mins to get into a 2k queue at 3 am.

Who gives a flying ***** about Mari and its crybabies

Also: Since when a 2k queue in Lost Ark is 30 minutes? Overblowing much?

4k akkan. In saturday queue ~10k. Thanks for bots

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Sweet, only 300 for Enviska at 4am.

People on Mari I’m sure. AGS should care. Their little tricks against mass botting are harming only legit players.


yup, regionblocked asia for the bots to find a way to bypass! Legit players suffer while bots were blocked for a day!

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and??? i’ve seen same post at least twice a day complaining about X k queue at X time like who gives a fk if you have queue
AGS clearly don’t give a fk and cannot fix anything so why bother complaining here?

I just wish they’d close off Mari. We have enough problems on our server.

We’re back to Bot Ark. I’m not suprised, since some people were saying that not all asian ISP were affected and chinese botters found out which other countries can bypass their ban.


Around 7000 queue at 4am pacific time on Valtan.

Lets be clear. They did not ban the IP’s of Korea and other Asian countries because of bots. Its because of publishing rights. Over the last 24 hours, not a single dip can be seen on steam charts. Just straight up. Pretty embarrassing at this point in time after 4 months, heading into our 5th month.


They dont understand to win the war, they need a dif approach.
War vs bots should be against rmt not directly vs bots, since bots will always come back

Bots are back in action lets GOO!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

I am in a 10k queue on valtan, at 1:33am damn bots came back with a vengeance


US East servers flooded with bots again this morning. AGS’s “bot solution” was thwarted in a day. How about banning RMT buyers? Just a wild thought.

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RMTers are potential costumers for AGS, that’s why they won’t permanently ban them. They expect those cheaters to buy Royal Crystals instead of chinese farmed gold, but that won’t happen unless they start being competent for once.

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You are wrong, just the game is becoming better.
Absolutely they are OCE and SEA players :sweat_smile:

9k queue on Akkan

Its up to 6.5k on Mari

7k on Mari now. Those 300k bots came back in full force eh


Juat login and im at 6k9, nice. Turning off the game and playing other game at this point