2k queue on mari at 3 am

They’re coming back even faster than before. It shouldn’t take long before the game is unplayable aswell for EUC. The economy is already fucked thanks to RMTers. I don’t even care about new content, honing stronghold buff, or class every 2 months. Bots are what is going to kill the global version of this game at this rate.

@Roxx I know you’re just a community manager. But the bot issue was already bad, now it’s even worse. Either your higher-ups do something drastic about it, meaning even closing character creation on servers, or your current playerbase will suffer from the consequences and you will lose your playerbase. And right now, it’s not new players that will save the game from the bots.


The queue is climbing by the minute…

It was 10K on Mari at about midnight, seems like they are ok with bots causing inflation and trying to nickle and dime US and EU to death. Its obvious with the honing buff situation, the gold nerfs, that they are ok with screwing everyone in US and EU. #boycottmari

Mari at 8:00AM

can confirm started in a 10.7k queue, down to 8.5k so it’s moving at least…


Over 10,000 player/bot que at 8 00 am now on Mari now. Fix your game AGS or give me a free transfer off this horrid server.

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AGS trying to see how fast they can lose their real players to bots so that the forums become a ghost town and their job gets easier.

I can’t understand how roster/server transfers seem impossible for them. It’s a standard feature in literally every MMO I’ve played.

Because they make more money if you have to start over fresh.

16k queue mari at 10 lol

This guy just got roasted by a streamer. Was hilairious.

Anyways, yeah guarantee if you had any queues or bot problems to the extent NAW has had, you would be on these forums crying too man.

Maybe. But when the game was new I chose a mostly ftp mid pop server. The servers that have problems are only in US and only the original batch that is full of whales and cheaters.

I’m just too old and knew better :stuck_out_tongue: