2nd Anniversary Skins confirmed so far!

Yeah before they have let blank for some classes but isnt a spécial moment liké 1 years anniversary

If that’s the case I’m actually fairly hype

Yeah, the weapon is one of the most expensive weapons for GS on Kr right now, it’s really good

Assassin looking goodddd

Holy destroyer weapons looks sick. But idk if i would ever change my Destroyer Skin mokoko + Plastic hammer D:

Just the 2nd anniversary skins from KR this year! It’s only our first anniversary :slight_smile:


You can’t remove mokoko skin from your destroyer or you will lose 90% of your dps :c

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so striker, gunslinger, sorc gets nothing at the anniversary :cry:
well many ppl will be pissed off again

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so do certain classes get fucked over then?

That way we will NEVER going to catch up to kr and we will always be 2 yeas behind D:

So which classes don’t have a year 2 anniversary skin on KR?

Can anybody confirm if my gunslinger gets a new skin please?

GS in KR does not have a 2nd anniversary skin

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so are we never going to catch up to korea in terms of anniversary skins?

should be striker, gunslinger, sorc…
its not like we got so many times no skins lol

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Thank you. Hope they change this but this is how they’ve handled it in the past for every skin release with this issue.

Probably no anniversary skins for some classes :frowning:

waiting for him to come and complain again :smiley:

Let the sandstorm comes! kekw

Its like your birthday but with no gift🤣

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