2nd awakening quest bugged

I picked up the quest for the 2nd awakening I believe I did the first part getting the sealed letter and went to the person the quest sent me to that point I wanted to carry on with the main story, as I believed I could go back and continue the quest however I must have done something to bug the quest as it’s no longer in my quest log in either of the tabs and I still have the mail.

I contacted support twice once making a ticket and then responding via email and 2nd opening a live chat where I was told to send the screenshots in a reply, I’ve had zero response from the emails I sent and I’m in T3 already.

From my knowledge this quest is pretty much required as it has skill points locked behind it and of course an ability, is there any visibility on a fix for this?

Got the same issue quest just disappeared ;_;

has anyone had any luck in finding a fix for this?