2nd Awakening quest missing [Journey]Trust, and a Request

Hi, I completed [Journey] Faceless Savior, but I do not have the follow up quest in the log and do not see any way to interact with the quest giver hunter Gemma on my sorceress.

Thanks in advance for the help

Hello @Gable, welcome to the forums! :woman_mage:

I’m sorry to hear that your awakening skill quest-line continuity broke!

Lets see what might be going on :grinning: To make sure we are on the same page on this last quest [Journey] Faceless Savior once you got out of the Guardian Raid you were able to deliver the quest to Gemma but did not got a new interaction with her for the next quest?

If that is case let me know and please also provide me with your Character name and Server, so we can figure this out, because that awakening skill is a must! I am looking forward to start that quest-line soon too! :grey_exclamation:

Hope to hear from you soon! Wish you a good day in Arkesia!

Yes, I think I abandoned it not realizing what it was and thinking I would just do it on an alt. But I don’t remember for certain. I do have Faceless Saviour completed in the log.

The character is Coarsening on NA-east Una server.


I found it. It was on Beatrice. I guess finishing the quest on my paladin removed it from my log on other characters.