2nd awakening quest still unavailable

I am still unable to pick up my second awakening quest in trixion, please help

Hello @Donbenno ,

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I hope you are fine!

I will try to help you with 2nd Awakening Quest.

Please try this -

  • Open the quest guide and go to finished quests tab.
  • Type “journey”, search, scroll down to the last journey quest that is not finished.
  • Finish the whole “journey” questline.

After finishing you should get the Awakening Questline.

Please try this and let me know.

Thank you. :sunflower:

completed upto [black market products]
which ius a quest i don’t have

its fine now, thank you

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Hello, I have the same issue, can’t find the quest for my life. Help @Helianthus :smiley:

Hello @silviagugea ,

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Please try the steps listed above. If it doesn’t work-

  • Help me with the name of the last quest that you completed.
  • Which NPC are you talking to next?
  • IGN and server name.

Thank you.

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I hope this helps.


I’ve completed Faceless savior last for journey, as I can see in the completed tab. I have no idea with who am I supposed to talk to next. IGN : Kwaken - EU Central - Kadan.

Thank you for the details.

After the Faceless Saviour, Hunter Gemma should give you the quest [Journey] Trust, and a Request.

Please check in the Journal and also try to talk to this NPC.

Let me know.

You’re the best! Thanks!

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Hello @Helianthus,
I also have the same issue as Donbenno.

I am on my second character (Paladin) and I have finished the first part that ends with [Journey] Lost Footsteps. I read that Malte should give me the next quest but for some reason she does not. Her name shows up in green and I can’t talk to her. I have only 4 active quests atm so I can’t have overlooked it, my inventory for quest items just has 2 items that do not relate to the [Journey] questline.
I learned the Song of Reminiscence which I got from “Lost Footsteps” but nothing happened after.

On my Martial Artist I was abled to continue and finish the quest with no problems. Is this a quest i can only finish once per roster? How do I get my second awakening ability for my paladin then? :’(

My ingame name for the paladin is Kleinhorst
Servername is Brelshaza

Hope you can fix it for me as well =)

Edit: Solved it myself.
Found out: Yes, you’re only supposed to do the whole questline once per roster.
I had started it on my paladin before finishing it on my martial artist.
After finishing it I just needed to go to Trixion with my second character and talk to Beatrice, she gave me my second awakening ability.

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Hello, I have the same issue, can’t find the second quest for Encrypted Memory Chip. Please help @Helianthus

Hello @hoyonglejordan, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to read that you’re having problems with your second awakening questline, the quest follows the one you mentioned begins inside a building in Totrich of Arthetine with an NPC named Rubich, could you please check if you can find the quest there?

Also, be aware that if you finished this quest line with another character or if you used the Feiton Powerpass which automatically completes it, you’ll have a shortened version of the quest line with your future characters, if this is the case, please check if you can find a quest with Beatrice in Trixion.

If none of the information above helps you continue the quest line, please reply here with the name and server of your character, also if possible, please provide screenshots of the completed quests section of your Quest Journal showing the latest quest you’ve completed with the prefix “[Journey]”.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, hope you have a nice day in Arkesia!

Hi Chameliaca,

I travel to Trixion and got the second awakening from Beatrice. Thank you so much!

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