2nd Awakening Quest?

I’m ilvl 600 and have finished rohendal. I have the song of reminescence. However I don’t see the 2nd awakening quest available where it should be, at the npc near the mailbox. What am I missing?


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Once you complete the main story quest in Rohendel the quest Mysterious Letter will trigger and you will need to head to Queen’s Garden. In there you need to locate the postmaster who will assign multiple Awakening quest to finish.

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I have also finished Rohendel and am also missing the quests, they aren’t appearing.

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I’m having a similar issue. I finished Rohendel and I already triple checked my quest log but I can’t find an active quest for me to complete and I also have no letter or anything in my mail.


same here

i have same problem, i finish rohendel story and i dont get this Mysterious Letter! I look at all postmaster and my quest log and i dont get it …

I asked area chat earlier and others seem to be having the same issue, no quest for the awakening to be found.

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I believe this is the start of the quest hope it helps. Although not 100% sure i’m currently doing it now.


It’s not there for me, the only quests i have that are tagged with [Journey] is ‘Black Market Products’

It wasn’t auto added to my quests for me either have you checked by going to the npc?

Is there any update to this? I as well do not see the 2nd awakening quest after completing the WHOLE questline. All I saw from the mailer was the [Journey] Quest which I even then completed too

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I’ve talked to the NPC as well. No Awakening Quest

I believe its part of the chain of quests for that Journey from the mail NPC it should take you to shushire once you complete that quest antoher quest should pop up next to that NP to carry on?

No it does not. I completed that Journey Quest and it only brings you to another Journey questline that does not have anything to do with awakening unfortunately.

quest chain for 2nd Awakening skill start with [Journey] prefix in the quest name and then it will change to [Awakening] after you’ll do quests on Kharmine’s Lair Island



For anyone else wondering, it is the biggest questline apart from the main story you will have done to this point and it will take you to many places. At the end you’ll get the item from a bard which looked like an Island Heart at first, so I was confused. But it was in fact the Awakening skill itself

I started the quest and got a bit into it and then i didn’t get a followup. Checked my mail and inventory and all over the world for purple questmarkers. No sign of it.

I believe it is a gear score of 460 that is required for the quest to appear.

Exactly the same iI got the quest near the mailbox as I knew it was the second awake quest, finished first part then the followup never appeared as well.

At this point this is clearly a bug. Please fix.

Same not working done all the requiments to get it.