2nd Gate Valtan Crash - no reentry ticket issued

I’m not sure if this is still on the radar. If the ticketing system is automated then it obviously hasn’t issued anything for the players on the second gate just by seeing who has and who hasn’t received one.

So far, what we know is, players that have received one are either in the first gate or in a dungeon yet to receive partial rewards.

Players that have not received a ticket are ones that have cleared first gate but not the second gate of Valtan.

I’m uncertain of the tickets for Argos but I assume it is something similar.

Feedback has been confusing as some moderators state no manual tickets are issued, and while some, they are looking into a resolution? I’m not sure where this stands as last weeks crash hasn’t been resolved entirely either.

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Hello @Riverphoenixxx,

I’m very sorry to hear about this Crash during Valtan.

At this moment our devs team are aware that some players are not receiving the appropriate re-entry ticket and they are working to resolve it for those who have a verified crash on our side.

For the moment, unfortunately we can not manually issue re-entry tickets so we appreciate your patience during this.

Please apart from this have a nice day. :leaves:

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I, too, was affected by this
Mari US West

Thanks for your reply. I have been trying to get any semblance of communication from you folks and I appreciate that you have provided that. I will keep checking back on the forums until it is fixed.

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@Riverphoenixxx did you get your ticket?