[2nd post] Thousands affected by Valtan DC, AGS is silent - OWN YOUR BUGS!



We need to constantly make threads to raise awareness until AGS comes out and addresses the issue. This is beyond ridiculous, and shows that AGS cares nothing about their players’ experience, other than rushing the release of hundred dollar paid skins.


Its been 6 days since @Shadow_Fox acknowledged the issue with Gate 2, hopefully we get some new info on monday.

Still very much an issue the team is working on. I’ll touch base with them again on Monday and see if I have any updates for you.

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I waited over 24 hours for my re-entry. Still have yet to receive anything. @Shadow_Fox I just want my ticket.

they ask for tickets not immediate hotfix. give their tickets?

bump until something is done


ran into this issue as well… still have entries, open gate 2 and cant go in.



Support is a shame. After one week of waiting they told me:

  1. They will not give me a ticket by a DC because it’s my fault have had a DC.

When I said that it’s their fault that the system can’t let you redeem the loot properly and that is their system who lock you from both gates by having DC in Gate1, they told me:

  1. They can’t send manually tickets. The “system” don’t let them to do it.
  2. They will not answer my questions anymore.

lol first time I saw that support refuse to help players. They just don’t care at this point.

These issues happens every time. It’s really common have dc’s or conexion problems during a long period of time like a raid. Also, as I said before, my disconnection isn’t the problem. Is their system that can’t handle this issue properly. There should be a way to send your loot via mail, or redeem it somehow after logging back. Moreover, is their system that locked me from Gate2 when I have had DC in Gate1 lol.

However, the answer to players is: Client always goes first but Uooh sorry, its your fault because you dced and now fk off :joy:

The worst customer service I have ever seen. I now understand why they have so bad reputation.

The week is almost over where is our reply?

There is no response. They will not do anything. If you have this issue you lost your loot, raid and character progress until the new weekly reset.

That is exacetly my experience as well. I lost literally ten thousands of mats & gold over this issue. I lost 3 full hardmode weeks of loot/bonusloot. No point in playing when I can’t progress anymore.
No wonder ppl will use RMT to catch up if Amazon / SG is unable to provide either a stable service or at least compensation. It would be beyond easy to just send a 0815 valtan loot table compensation to all of the flagged accounts.

But whatever, it is quit or RMT for player that have been overlooked.

Idk why they cant just tie completion status to whether or not you received loot for the week.