2nd time posting this

I bought items from a wandering merchant and lost 1.5 mil silver. sent in a ticket and they said it’ll return in 3 days. that was 4 days ago and still no silver, so i reply again asking about it and they told me to post here? losing this much silver is pretty devastating at tier 3. any news on a fix for this? did i just lose my silver forever? anything? (edit: its been a week since i put in a ticket for this and I’ve got no help at all)

Hello @saxygermin :wave:

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I am sorry to hear that you lost 1.5 million silver which is quite a big amount. I would be very frustrated if that happened to me.

I checked your previous posts as well to understand the complete situation so I can help you accordingly.

As far as I can understand the situation, you purchased some items from a wandering merchant by mistake. Is that correct?

Let me know so I can guide you with further information.

no, I wanted to purchase them the problem is they were all very cheap items and now I am missing 1.5 mil silver.

Oh okay.

I am sorry if I am unable to understand, I appreciate your patience.

The reason I am confirming this is because you mentioned ‘Bought’ in this post as well the the previous one.

No worries, may I know your character name and server?

I’ll try to figure out the problem and let you know.

server: Zosma
character i bought them on: Notsaxy
happened on march 30th

I know exactly what you bought, you bought Rum from a wandering merchant in yorn. And I think it looks like 1k silver or something, but its actually 1.5 million silver. I think the merchants shop might look slightly glitched but the price is right according to online sources from other regions.

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Sorry for the delay.

I was going through you inventory and other logs to see if I can find something of useful information. Then I read @Makimaki’s response and yes it is the actual case.

I can see ‘Back alley Rum’ bind to your character which costs around 1.4 million silver.

The date you mentioned also co-relates to the item when it was added in your account.

Obviously, you can use the item. However, we cannot return/refund/replace the item. I am extremely apologetic for the instance.

And regarding the merchant shop looking visually glitched, I’ll pass the feedback to my team so they fix it and make it more clear in the near future.

PS. : @Makimaki Is a detective! :muscle:

so the problem is theres no way i would have bought this item if it was 1.4 mil silver. I’ve been very careful with my silver since honing in t3 is so expensive. this is a lot of silver to lose because the game did not display the correct price for an item

I can totally understand the frustration.

However, we have not received any report regrading the incorrect amount displayed for this particular item. Is there any chance that you have a screenshot for the same? That would help us report to the team so we can fix this.

I request you to submit a web-ticket with screenshot attached via this link : Contact Us | Amazon Games

You can also visit the merchant again to see if you can see the price glitched, that will work just as fine.

Regarding the current purchase, I am afraid we cannot return or refund it as of now.

Have a wonderful day ahead. :mage: