2nd Tower floor 47 is impossible for the recommended gear score

Tried this floor easily 50 times today it’s 100% impossible unless you are Tier 3 and you are clearing the floor super fast, I’m 1073 and there is no way this floor is possible. The last boss you have to kill literally spams freezing every 10 seconds, and IF you are touched you are frozen FOR 10 SECONDS??? If you manage to get her HP low THEN GUESS WHAT THERE ARE INFINITE FROZEN CRYSTALS BEING SHOOT ON YOU FOR 5 MINUTES NON-STOP and each hit froze you for 10 seconds +having the boss spamming her abilities non stop. AND GUESS WHAT??? if you get here to x2 then you have 3 copies of the boss spawning around the floor and they are spamming the abilities that freeze for 10 seconds until you kill the boss that is spamming the same abilities over and over + 12321932831 crystals aimbotting you from everywhere. It’s seriously not fun, not hard, just super dumb mechanics… Why would you think it’s fun and hard… Literally one boss spamming freeze stunt of 10 seconds every minutes what is that… Even more fun all the mobs in this floor have as goal to block you in a circle so you can’t dodge and avoid anything suuuuper fuuun!

UPDATE: I did it at 1340 like I said (can only be done at tier 3 even tho it’s 1020 recommended)

Tower rewards are helpful, but not necessary to progress through the tier. The honing bonuses from having a main in T3 is much more consequential.

If you truly are struggling this much, it’s probably better to move onto other things.

Not impossible lol

eu achava isso, at~e chegar no 49 e ser feito de ping pong

Not hard but but its impossible for you at the gs recommended? So it is hard? Its more thsn possible at thay gs, the game has consumables which make the fight a breeze, use them.

Some tower floors are balanced around specific combat items. I feel like those floors should probably mention recommended combat items for those floors. Currently you just randomly stumble into them with no warning that that floor requires something different than all the other floors you’ve done.

I haven’t done most of the T2 tower yet so I’m not sure if that is one of them, but based on your description maybe the CC removal potions would be a good option?

Useless comment, it’s probably better that you move onto other things.

Anyways, I understand your frustration with this one, may as well change the freezes to a one shot since you likely still die at full health when you get frozen that long. It isn’t impossible if you have a bunch of epic pots to waste trying to learn it but I wouldn’t recommend, best to just conserve your pots and do it in tier 3.

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what is this about? you might have the wrong guy, i have no idea what you are saying

ma boi I got feared for 26 seconds today and then 16 and failed even at T3, eventually I focused on 1 boss at a time and did it but yeah… the last 5 or so towers are near impossible at tier 2

its not impossible, ive done it with my alts on the ilvl, i had a friend with one class i had on an alt and he had problems even with 1330 but when i saw him it was just mechanic and skill timing problem, on those last floors u have plenty of time u just need to focus on timing very well your skills if u have time only for 1 skill then dont try to push it casting 2, and by the last bar u just need to dodge more time before trying to attack, it may seem endless but its not, and i like the current difficulty of the tower, i see it as a challenge and something to practice, i dont want to get nerfs to T3 content just because ppl chose easy mode on t1-t2 content and they will end up failing on t3 just like they do on the tower for not seeing how to improve, also stagger is really useful to cc 1 of the ghost and stop them from spamming the fear u might want to check vital point engraving and better cards (Y)

EDIT: btw if something is impossible no one could do it on the ilvl, and me and other friends have already cleared this content on ilvl just because we need those shards, it took us time but once u understand what i said above about when to use a skill its easy. See this as a learning opportunity to improve

You can pretty much overgear the tower while being in the same tier (so the rewards are still useful). For a DPS class, it should be easier. For a bard its hard to do the tier 2 tower while being still in tier 2. In Korea most bards do the T2 Tower around ilvl 1300.

There’s plenty of videos of people doing it at recommended iLvl and videos showing how to do it at iLvl.

I’d go take a look at them - I know I will when I get to it instead of dealing with the frustration