3 day gold limit garbage

I really agree with you 100%!

Not true. I sell all my unbound mats and those stacks after they sell have a hold.

thats not my experience

Yes. There should be something like super trusted status for those that, say use the same payment method for a set period of time (maybe 3 months?) and/or never do any refund/chargeback. Things like that. Something to prove that this account isn’t doing any frauds thing, thus give said account the ability to bypass the 3 day restriction.

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yeah thats my point exactly all that you mentioned on top of trusted status with 2fa. i can see this thing not working if someone uses giftcards but if someone uses a credit/debit card and keeps it on file never has charge backs it should be exempt from the 3 day hold.
one single chargeback and then they should lose this trusted status and go back to waiting the 3 days, tbh its probably the best solution that makes AGS and most players happy

I only read op so idk if this was suggested, but the 3 day limit should only be applied to newer less established accounts, this is an easy fix