3 Day Holding Period on Gold needs to go

I understand it’s meant to fight RMT and botters but it hurts the in game economy for whales and F2P players. Summer skins and 3 day holding period are sky rocketing gem prices and the easiest solution would be to remove the 3 day holding period, cheaper blue crystals makes whales, vets and noobs all happy.

With August being a dry month for content, september update being so far away and ridiculous market prices affecting accessories making it difficult to gear alts and mains. With many people either leaving the game for good or taking a break it would help the player base tremendously to remove some of the factors causing this inflation

Its cause Amazon wants people to swipe, the fact they hide it behind “combatting bots and RMTers” is bullshit.

This is just wrong… Even if you swipe, gets RCs, and convert them to gold they have a three day hold on them. I know because I’ve done it. It’s dumb.

This was solely to combat charge backs. No other reason. It definitely will help fight that, but at the cost of making officially purchased gold more useless and making RMT gold more valuable.

Three day hold for legit gold, or zero hold for RMT.

And during that time, I can easily chargeback and tell Amazon to fuck off, so howisit stopping chargebacks?

Sad thing is if you find a good accessory, decide to swipe, get gold and bid on/buy it… you can’t. Since you have to wait 3 days. It is ridiculous

It is “highly highly effective” so somehow it is working in their fight against fraud and charge back

It’s better to adapt/get used to it, if you need Gold to (Impulse) buy accessories, keep some gold at any given time and don’t spend it all

I personally don’t care the system tbf mate, I just like to give Amazon abuse any chance I get.

If I swipe for Gold I tend to wait 3 days until I search for anything I like as I don’t like getting my hopes up xD

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Positive side effect, you get more gold if you want to swipe. I just took a look yesterday, 60k gold for 100 bucks. We getting closer to KR my friends.

3 days are very fine for me

I used to buy gold with RC time to time but after the 3-day hold patch it’s just a big no.

Let’s say you want some gold now because you want an accessory on AH. Guess what? It will be gone by the time your gold is unlocked.

Adapt, don’t stay at 0 gold now if you want to buy things from AH. 25k or 50k gold is the “new 0 gold” and if you fall below that threshold, you restock and it will come in 3 days, like a delivery

Don’t know why should I adapt for dumb change like this so I just don’t buy anymore
feels like majority of customers are doing the same looking at currency exchange since the patch

The 3 day hold has nothing to do with it. big deal you buy gold on Monday and can’t use it till Thursday… you still get to spend it you just have to be a little patient. If anything it’s helping you because during those 3 days the item you are looking at will be undercut MANY times making it cheaper and hence you will spend less gold in the long run!

Not a big deal to you. But to others, it’s a hinderance, especially for impulse buys or things people want right away. That’s a part of a game like this, “I want this now and I’m willing to spend to get it.” They’ve taken that away and as a result there are less offers of RC for gold in the exchange, driving up BC prices.

Another weird thing is you can trade RC for gold many times and still be a “certain user” that has to wait 3 days. They should just be honest and say all users.

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I want to extend the holding period to 7 days

People who defend this terrible system are mentally ill.

I don’t get how it’s fighting charge back when they make it clear that all purchases are non refundable

For stolen credit cards, the actual card holder is not liable for fraudulent purchases. The card issuer then issues charge backs to the merchants.

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Someone steals your credit card and buys 3,000$ worth of Royal Crystals, exchanges to gold and sends it away/sells it to RMT enjoyers and next day gets banned, because You reported your bank that your card was stolen and issued a charge back

In this case, with 3 day hold period, that gold does not get distributed

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Tyvm for the explanations!

Or they just can wait few days because they can organize their gold… I‘m actually more worried about people who can‘t.

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