3 days roster lock on newly purchased store items


I think I understand the need for a lock to put items on the public market. The 3 days items withholding seems fine. However, I don’t understand the need to lock the item so that I can’t put it in my roster storage.

My use case: I purchased Midsummer Night’s Dream Special package on a character. I want to use the weapon on an alt(2nd) and the chest piece on another alt (3rd). I opened the chest on my main cause that’s what I usually do.

The problem: I can’t move these skins to my alts until 3 days later. :frowning:

Suggestion/feedback: it would be nice to not lock roster transfer. This should have no impact on how bots works in the market. I am just transferring skins among my alts.

Thanks for listening.

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Solution: Wait 3 days :blush:

Get out seriously

+1 to the thread thoo, roster bound has nothing to do with being able to make Gold on it. You can use it on main upon purchase directly, should be the same for the alts.

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