3 friends kicked me from guardian raid

I joined a x2 alt run for a Igrexion, we did one run, “re entry” after that and when we were fighting the boss I got a warning, again, while fighting the boss, I asked why were they warning me, nobody replied and then I got kicked… my guess is that they were friends and thought it was funny, It would be nice if someone looked into them to see if this is a common practice for them.

In the picture you can see that we just got to the guardian and started the fight and then I got warned then kicked. Btw I have to wait 10 minutes before I can even do my daily guardian because I got penalized for getting kicked FOR NO REASON!

Edit: I just posted this so Amazon could look into these guys and see if this is a common practice for them (kicking the 4th guy out of the raid), so no need to give me your opinion guys, I dont care if you think there was a problem before or not, Amazon can verify that if they want to.


They’re from three different servers so the likelihood of them being friends is kinda slim I’d say. Probably a bit missing from the story.


Could be a weird case where they met after release so they can only play through LFG.

i play on una na east and have many friends that are on azena na east, the friends on azena were playing 'cus of another group that decided they were playing on that server while i and some other of my friends decided we were playing una before launch.

i find it unfortunate that i can’t add those friends to my friends list or anything but i do play with them cross server for some abyss dungeons and sometimes for argos so i wouldn’t throw out the idea that they were friends just 'cus they were from dif servers.

name shaming is forbidden on the forum, you must hide the name a bit.

so the real problem is that you “paid” for entry and didnt get to loot? or could you still rerun it?

Dude, I didnt pay at all, Im the paladin, I even used pheromone on our first run, the problem is that in the second run they kicked me who knows why, cuz as you can see in the picture the time remaining is like 17-18min, so we just got to where the boss was and they started warning me while we were in middle of the fight then kicked me for no reason.

And yea, I had to wait 10 minutes to do my second guardian raid of the day

Well, if moderators can’t see the names how on earth will they punish them or look into it? If some cm tells me to delete the picture I will, but not untill they see it.

i agree, but i think we have a link to send those thing.

@Roxx can help us i think.

I feel like if you scrolled that chat up a bit higher, we’d see a different picture. There’s a chance you could be telling the whole truth, but people don’t tend to be assholes for literally no reason.

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Well as you can see in the picture we just got in, so I find the likelihood of all of them warning me and kicking me at the same time, without even talking in chat at all to do it, way lower than they being friends and speaking through discord.

you can submit tickets if you wish to see punishment as tickets would only be between you and customer support, but goodluck having anything happen through that.

but yeah sharing names on here isn’t allowed as they don’t want to allow witch hunting.

Dude look at chat in the picture, you can see the game notifications that “all joined the party” that means we just go inside, there is no conversation after we got in besides what you can see in that picture. If there were a problem it would’ve been BEFORE we all agreed to “re entry” and in that case, if it would’ve been some problem they wouldnt have let me re entry with them, they would’ve just kicked me and then they would re entry with 3 ppl or they would all just got out of the raid, find someone else and do it without me.

But none of that happened, we cleared the first run with no problems at all, queued to do another one and then warned me and kicked me.

I didnt know about the tickets, in that case I’ll do that and delete the picture

your picture doesnt present any proof since it doesnt contain the entire conversation, it doesnt even include the alleged “warning” you keep referring to.

If you didnt lose any ingame “run” but could just queue up again i would call this matter a non-matter and thus not an ingame breaking hindrance.

Im pretty sure amazon has a record of every conversation that happens in game, as they had in New World, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to find if im lying or not, about being or not a hindrance It doesnt really matter, I just posted so they could look into this guys if neccesary to avoid this future practice of kicking someone from the raid just because they think is funny, cuz believe me, they were on discord, there is no way they all warned me and kicked me in less than a minute, I guess is my bad for not doing a proper screenshot when it was happening, but I was kinds shocked someone would want to kick me.

they do, atleast for ingame mail the support can easily datamine it

it is extremely odd, they get nothing for kicking you and if they are from diferent servers it is extremely unlikely for them to be friends

Herolde is right, normally it will say you have been warned or something. Really odd that you they would kick you if you weren’t afk or abusing them or something. Btw I can see that you weren’t abusing them.

Can you screenshot your engravings? Maybe you have grudge 1 in which case deserved lol. Also did you lose your guardian soul?