3 friends kicked me from guardian raid

seems very weird to try-hard a guardian enough to check peoples engravings^^ the worst offence during a guardian is if you notice someone “milking resses”, atleast in my mind.

The guardian soul was what i was trying to ask for before.

Yeah you’re probably right. This is igrexion, and OP mentioned he’d already done a full run with them. If I had to guess the actual reason, he probably ran away from the stagger checks and his teammates got tired of failing them due to the lack of a member.

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could also be that he didnt cleanse during the first fight, he is a paladin. Seems very petty to kick for that though since you can easily circumvent it with panacea etc yourself.

don’t understand why u open up a topic for that.
If you feel mistreated, report them, and if it’s common practice, reports will add up over time & a destroyer main at AGS will swing his (ban)-hammer eventually. :hammer:

Given that they’re on different servers, it’s more likely that your actions in the first run are what got you kicked.

It tells everyone when a party member has been warned. One person warning someone kick worthy often results in other party members doing the same in response, without any additional communication needed.

The chat doesn’t show the previous run, it doesn’t provide enough context for anyone here to be able to support your claim.


I thought the same, initially I thought it would be some kind of mistake, that’s why I started the conversation with interrogation simbols, I couldnt understand why would they warn me

the messeage poped up in my screen that I was getting warned but I pressed enter quickly cuz we were in the middle of a fight and I couldnt see anything with the notification, I dont know why it doesnt appear in chat, cuz there was a message there as well, that’s why I asked them why were they warning me

Look, I edited the main post some time ago, I dont care if someone thinks I did something bad to them, Amazon can look into it and see that I did nothing wrong. But its simple, if I did something wrong the first run, they would’ve gotten out then find another person, they wouldn’ve pressed re entry and agreed to a second run just to kick me after we got to where the boss was, that would be weird.

Personally, I really don’t mind carry people through guardian even they played badly, I would not be mad and give a warning to someone who wasted all 3 revives in the fight.
Especially in your situation that 3 other random people paired together come out with the same warning action then also agree to kick you, you definitely did something trigger if not all of them in the first run.

My guess is it was an individual that started the kick because they don’t like a certain class due to no synergy or some other stupid reason. Then the others just quickly auto pilot clicked the window to get rid of it.

not that weird, one person just intitated the vote and the other two most likely just went with mob mentality and pressed accept.
Finishing a guardian 3 or 4 people dont matter, same loot… same time roughly.

What matters is if a group turns sour though and people are like yelling at eachother in chat instead of actually doing the content, then the ones trying to do the content are trapped with this drama when all they wanted to do was sit back and a kill a guardian, that might be another reason people would just blindly accept a kickvote.

No, the time it would take to leave and re-queue wouldn’t be worth it, especially considering this was a premade group. The group would have known from the MVP screen if they needed you in advance. Were I in a situation where I have a party member worth kicking and knew the quality of the rest of my party, I wouldn’t want to take the time to leave.

The start of the second run is where I would kick someone worth kicking generally, because while I might think someone is useless, I can’t be sure until the end screen and like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Clearly you do, because you keep attempting to “prove” your innocence with claims that don’t support your claims.

You made the public post, you initially attempted to name and shame people without any context. You then edited out the servers they were on, because it cast doubt on your claim that they were friends and continued to claim that they’re friends. You’re not making yourself look good.

With that said, if you really don’t care what people have to say, why have the post at all?

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There is no need to interject intent or agenda for either side. He was advised to scrub the name of the image by other posters in the thread, he did so. We may never know why nor should it matter.

The story so far:

  1. Most likely they kicked him after entering a 2nd time because the leader started a vote(i think it has to be leader?) and the vote finalized as they approached the boss.

  2. It seems highly unlikely that the members of this “party finder” group knew eachother since they were all from different servers?

  3. He didnt lose his soul or attempt that day, it is not gamebreaking. He could queue up 10m later.

I’m sry if I break your whole argument here man, but I edited the picture because someone told me it was against the rules of the forums to show the names of those guys and I edited everything, names, server and guilds, Not just the server names… but yeah, you could write a script for a movie.

All correct, all you’ve missed is that I posted this so Amazon could look into it and see if they often do that, or if it was just a coincidence that I got warned by all of them and kicked, but yea thats all

Yea I get that, but the thing is, to kick a player in a group all three of them has to manually ctrl click my character then press “warn” first, they cant kick me unless they all do that manually or at least I think it has to be done that way, correct me if im wrong cuz honestly that’s the part Im confused about.

My best guess would be numbers in title for item distribution. Maybe 2 was flares. Maybe he didn’t use so they just kicked.
I highly doubt randoms would just kick During the raid for no reason and not just in the pf grp or rather requeue as 4.

Well or maybe it was a trollvote and ppl just felt like it lel
So even if they did. Happens, nothing they can get punished for.

That’s what the vote is for. 3 decided you’re out and you got thrown out.

the first run lasted less than 5 minutes since I even used pheromone, and we didnt even try to do the stagger mechanic, all of them ran away so I saved my ultimate, Im not a new player, Im getting tired of answering here in the forum everybody assume I did something wrong so its whatever, As I said in the main post, I just wanted Amazon to check if they did this on purpose to other ppl to or if it was just a coincidence

Jesus, it’s getting tyring, everybody assume Im a noob or that Im a leecher with battle items, I said in other post I used pheromone in the first run and planned to do it again, and since in the first run I used pheromone, just 1 of them had to use flare at the start, so before the second run started only 2 battle items had to be used, then at the 2nd run someone else used another flare so 3 items, and I planned to used phero again, normally I dont care if someone doesnt use their items, I have 6 characters all I want is to finish my runs quickly.

All I’m saying is. The vote is there man xD, they have the freedom to do that and they did.
So unless we remove votekicks completely this will always be a possibility.

So now we could argue are votekicks a neccessary option?
And I really don’t think removing that option is the way to go.