3 man platinum field parties force kicking the fourth member

Just experienced this.

Got kicked out of a platinum field run by (I assume a 3 man party) after I delivered my collectibles. No communication in the party at all except for 3 odd lines (see attached photo).

Probably so they can remove 1 more person to part the leftover mats. I think it’s unfair that they can just do that if they want to without penalty.

If any mod is reading this and can do anything about this issue:

The usernames of the two people are: Trollobaggins and Kioke. Can’t remember the third one. And if you can also check logs to prove that I did not grief/afk during the run and was kicked out unfairly.

Server: NA West - Rohendel
Username: Hekebolos

Screenshot 2022-04-20 141058

You should report them using this

Use the report outside of game option.

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Still sad about it. My precious stones ;-;l