3 Mokokos behind barrier in Luterra

Please remove this, my server is dead and fails sailing coops, now that the gold rush players of the game are all done it I have no chance of getting these mokokos.

Spent 40 mins hitting it. No sign of breaking, I’m done, you just turned me off of collecting mokokos now.

sup there u allways can call any from your guild and ask for help that the reazon to be in a Guild…, also u can use the chat ( global or zone ) then ask for help. there 10000 ways to get thoes mokokos i was hitting my self 1 hour until break the barriers and that the funny thing of game!

lol you think there are people in Mount Zagoras on a low pop server?

The only people there are bots

We have different definitions of funny lol.

It should definitely be nerfed, because you need to gather quite a few people for quite a while to get those. I did it really early on because I knew this, but you’re right that this is just a terrible experience for a newer player.

Sad thing is at 40 minutes, you were probably really close to breaking it. It can be done solo, but yeah, it takes the better part of an hour and will bot check you a few times because you’re just sitting there.

just dont do it with i lvl 500
i saw those barriers to when i started and after 1min of google i knew those are tanky
i just waited until my main hit 1370 came back there and destroyed that thing in 5min
its not that hard

I beat on it for an hour and half at 1370, breaking my weapon multiple times in the process and still didn’t destroy the barrier.

bruh you’re actually clueless, thats not how the barriers work in this game. All the attacks done to it is count as 1, its a point system not a HP system. So in order to break it you need X amount of hits, not doing X amount of damage with your skills.

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than the amount of hits is very low since it only took 5min

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Just dont auto attack by holding c or the anticheat will suspect you of being a bot.

LOL I know. Holding right click also does it.

Funny thing is that I don’t think bots even care about mokoko seeds at all. Collecting those is a good way to tell someone is not a bot…

Bots would actively avoid those oddly enough lol. Players are getting flagged/suspensions/punishment as the system confuses them for botting if they beat on these things for too long or with too many consecutive auto attacks?

I mean it prints on screen that you need to move not to be seen as a bot, but yeah, it’s pretty annoying since you have to beat that fence for an hour or so alone to get 3 mokokos. Of course you really, really want to get some friends in on it to beat it with you so it doesn’t take that long, but…

Bro Im 1492 LOL

Yep I got warned about auto-clicking for this, what a joke of a system.