3 months in and we got two skins

So yeah, another skin post but why the hell did we only had 2 skins in 3 months when there are a ton already done? The edge lord (omen) was…yeah pretty ugly and the pass skin is ok but srsly, i hoped with the “big patch” we get a few skins or skin announcments, cmon AGS, whats the problem. Release some skins while you skill have players left


We are getting neria wardrobe, another skin and the destroyer skin next week


you mean that “every day casual clothing”-“skin” collection which make your character in a fantasy game look like every second dude outside? Or did i miss something?


Yes that’s a skin right?


sadly yes, i think theyre not into cool skins


Taste differs, des goûts et des couleurs, on ne discute pas.

I like Neria Wardrobe outfits and I dislike the Omen and boring big armor skins. While u seem to prefer big armor type skins over regular clothing skins.


the point is. They have so many skins to release but they still only release a very very small amount for no real reason


Wouldn’t hurt anyone if they release a new skin every couple of weeks tbh. In KR they already have hundreds or different skins. It’s not like the “pool” of skin “releasable” was little and they had to space theim, they could litterally release a skin per week that we still won’t have all of theim at the end of the year.

Imagine running an corporation where the goal is to not make money.

launch game, goes so well you literally break steam, 1mil plus easy, no skins sorry, interns busy shading in the legs and boobs on all the girls

month later heres omen

month later heres a godawful tuxedo

month later heres some zoomer shirts and skinny jeans

I just dont understand it, I never saw anything remotely like this until i played New World then Lost Ark, while AGS gets wrongly blamed alot on here this is 100% them.

Ive seen the KR sites, how they advertise skins, the effort they put into the moving stills etc, we just have one CM to tell us every 30 days hey peasant, were allowing you pants this month, gee thanks.


pretty much sums it up. Their marketing manager should get fired. They could make tones of money on skins, especially in the first months but for some reason they said “…naaa we dont really need money”
It doenst even really need much ressources. Most skins are already done, if you need to censore some…ok put them aside but there are a lot which are ready to release


At this point I doubt I’ll buy skins with my own money. I’m already on cruise control on the game now to care anymore.


This is AMAZON we’re talking about here.

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Korea doesnt pay for anniversary skins, i bet you we will :v


still not a reason for questionable marketing decisions. I want a real reason why we dont get anything

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No idea. Nothing anyone says can explain, or justify not releasing skins. And it’s been 3 months. It’s wild.


my bet is on SG and AGS having communication issues

Considering they literally needed someone to fly out to them and do that would make sense. They prob had a guy do hand signs to explain what to do.

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real reason? idk if u were there but the first 1 1/2 months were a nightmare, well atleast for the EUC region, 20k~ queues every fking day, instability, MM issues etc., so they probably had others things to think about, wouldnt be a good time to try to sell skins with all these problems.

i was here since release but the problem with queues is solved a while now and i could imagine thats not the problem of the marketing team

If they put up all the many things the people want, the “money hungry” argument would be ravaging the forums.

They kinda focusing slowly on diverse problems that can make people’s enjoyment simpler.

Tbh, there is quite a huge chunk of aspects were they could be making money with this game yet they aren’t. It’s really weird.