3 months in and we got two skins

I have a feeling that a huge number of the skins in Korea will never come over to NA. Aren’t there dozens of skins that aren’t even available anymore in Korea that were limited time only, or special events?

I mean we’ve had a lot more than 2 skins available

Omen Skins
Lofty Skins
Alar Skins
Platinum Chest Skins
Lawmaker Skins
Noble Banquet Skins
The free gift animal skins

This is not to mention the numerous skins that drop randomly in the world (2 of them I believe) and the fact that the default armor sets are a skin separate from the decorative skins in themselves.

3rd anniversary skins is all i want



2 years 9 months to go.

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I might be wrong but I believe we will not see every skin that Korea has, not even the majority of them. Most likely AGS/Smilegate pick and choose the most up-to-date skins and go with those.

Nah we will get all of them, but if they keep being so slow with them we will always be behind.
Korea also gets skins from web events and ingame events, some also given out free randomly like the Mokoko/Animal suits. Unfortunately for us they might even be in twitch -cough- prime.

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It was already stated that we wouldnt and every region would get them.


Yeahhh ill believe it when i see it.

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Yeah…its one of the only methods I know of to get women out of high heels :joy:

I like the blue Omen for the blue gunlancer, but only because it feels thematic.

Yeah this is not only precedent on a lot of things, white knights are pretending this is the new normal already. Additionally, it takes away agency and options from women players, it doesn’t add or protect it.

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bro… they are all almost the same for all the classes, like come on. For me it’s zero effort. Since that’s how they do skins at SG, they (AGS) should just start releasing more of them for us too since it’s not that they have to create them. Also some can’t be dyed, some can, it’s a joke. Fortunately they will release the dressing room or w/e is called.

@Trollzor Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the release frequency of new skins. While not every skin is going to be available in every region, I do understand your feelings and will relay them to the team.

there it is.


RIP game


Thank you for your reply. Sad to hear that we dont get every skin and probably not a replacement for it. But please give us more skins to choose from, tons of people wait for it and they wont wait forever

imagine during release when we had million players…AGS/SG really shot their own foot.

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I am pretty sure they make more money with drip feeding. There are stupid people at AGS (like anywhere else), and they may had made bad decisions … but, their are not to stupid in maximising profit!

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doubt because most people left till then like they already did

should have released the good skins while they have 1mil players

now we have more bots than real people


bots will buy the skins to blend in with players and other bots… copium