3 months, no solution for bots. Shameful

Title. That’s my feedback.

Do you know how much work can be done in 3 months? I know this is AGS and not Amazon direct, but I work at a tech company that is competitive in the same field, and in 3 months we can do so much. I type this while standing at the Vern Chaos gate and see 50 bots run by me. 3 months, and no solution? As the publisher, accommodate for the audience you seek to make sales to. Mad that New World has 20k players and worried Lost Ark would follow in its footsteps? Letting bots become the player base is totally going to look good on paper to your bosses, right? Or maybe, AGS is part of the botting pyramid scheme. Who knows? But it’s gotten only worse over 3 months. There’s countless examples from other games that have solved botting. Captchas, random events to test if its a human behind the screen, hell, you could cross reference user data from their required Amazon profile. EVERYONE has an amazon account for shopping. Wouldn’t it be easily suspicious if 100 accounts had the same address? Instead you ban vpns and they figure out a work around within a day… Maybe AGS should hire the bot makers and fire the current employees, rofl

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