3 nights in a row come servers down come on

Im a overnight player and I can never do my dailys because you guys wanna bring down the server EVERY SINGLE night i mean come on now


wanna bet they do it tomorrow again? xD


You should be happy they are actually trying to solve issues people report. I dont mind it every day if it means within week or two all will be solved


Yep. Right before reset too…

maybe they can fix the constant bot spamming in area chat selling gold for real money too? getting tired of constantly reporting them

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Yeah that has been annoying actually. Idc about spamming, i care about them taking spots on server instead of real players. Should be faster response to them. If you report them in the forum, could take hours or days before they get banned

I think they should just rename it to ‘fark you nightly maintenance - give us all your money beyatches’! At least that would be honest… :rofl:

Theyre fixing the peoblems in the game and with it being so new is kinda expected. Many new games have many patches in the first few weeks. It’ll calm down once things get more stable.

new? xDDDDD

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probably just gonna be an ongoing issue especially since game is f2p

I’ve actually never seen one in Zinnervale EU before.
Though I have split chats so if I want to see Area/Global it’s a different tab, and i got party, raid, whispers, guild in one tab, and then another one seperate with the same, but with all loots.

Last night i could not finish my new abys dung because of matchmaking failure so i thought ill do it now before reset, nope, ASG has other disruptive plans…

there are TONS you split them into seperate tabs thats probably why i keep mine standard. i have to report at least 4 maybe every 20 minutes. then someone said they started to make groups in party finder and post it with their websites which they basically do in WoW as well. fake groups for advertising.