3 Players and 27 Bots in a Chaos Gate. What are you doing?

I just joined to a chaos gate in Punika and for my surprise there were 27 freaking bots and only 3 players… What in the heck user experience is that? the bots were even bugging the bosses! Smilegate you are not doing anything useful against that problem, it’s ridiculous how that trash users are breaking the game. For the love of god create a team who ban bots manually! everyone would be happy to work baning that trash from the game, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING


It is understood why bots keep prices stable.

did the bots bid on legend map is the question…

250k bot online normal

they do.

at least u can actually finish the chaos gate.

Since it doesnt scale, why not lol

Imagine the shards they getting after running the maps. Yikes

This is the greatest bot screenshot I’ve seen yet lmao

this is really scary

This morning, I bought a map for the first time in one of these Chaos Gate runs. We had 13 “players” (11 bots, myself and another real adventurer) and I paid 7,300 for the map (yeah, I know, I got a little click-happy, lol).

But it was the nauseating feeling afterward, when I realized that I had just given each bot 608 gold, that made me sick. :frowning: I’ll never buy another map when bots are in these runs. :frowning:

wow, good job on funding 11 bots. This gold will be sold for real money and further ruin the economy, crash the auction house and get people banned.


when the road is closed, they resort to another way, very good asdf
When will they realize they have to root it out?
How far will they solve it by limiting every content?
and where will this game go with more inept Game managers not related to online games?