3 premade kick me in cube lul

trash system lol

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Never did Cube in a group and nowadays I let my stronghold run that content.

Does it get dia chest?

Well, you might have done something, like stop playing / trashing people. If so, this is legit kick.

Ppl dont kick for no reason. You prob afk

Propably didnt have full relics and 12x3


Are we playing the same game?

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reasonable if you were afk. reasonable if you were insulting. but if they were doing it because they think it’s funny then all 3 of them deserve to get banned for gameplay disruption. 1 day ban is good enough as a warning.

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Exactly, and if a man sexually harasses a woman, it is of course the fault of the victim and not the perpetrator. omg what stupid comments.

I make a point of kick afk players :wink: Yesterday I did this in the guardian raid with a guy who stayed the whole yoho afk, when he got close to the end, we kicked him

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at least they should refund tickets in the ticket events if someone doens’t finish due to a kick or a dc
failing to do them is fine
getting cucked becuase of a toxic trio is just rage

might be even worse than what happened to me.

Trying to compare a video game to sexual harassment, :laughing: :rofl: :joy:. Immediate fail.

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I play this game more than most ppl and have never been kicked randomly nor have i witnessed others get kicked randomly.

If you got kicked you usually did deserve it

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I think this kind behavior is the new trend for toxic ppl now… this happened to me in guardian raids. 3 ppl in the same guild warn and kick me right before the boss is dying.
You can’t do anything about it. just accept it, and move on. :face_vomiting:

i dont compare a videogame with sexual harassment. i’m just saying that people say it’s always the victims fault when something happens to them

Dont bring this into a discussion about a video game please

Not sure if you are serious or trolling in real life. But just in case, giving a heads up that any type of sexual assault is never the victim’s fault in the court of law. I am pointing this out to protect you and any victims from this commonly perceived false myth. As long as the sexual assault has been proven or if you had history of sexual assault, you will end up being prosecuted; on the other hand, you can win if the victim’s credibility is iffy.


I meant that sarcastically, because people assume its the thread creators fault (why he got kicked). even though they don’t know anything about the situation


Ah I got your meaning. Thanks for clarifying xD