3 SA servers Busy because of botting

I play in Gienah Server, SA. A couple of days ago, i noticed a few bots running around North Vern again, then i teleported to Prideholme to see a city infested with them. Thought that it couldn’t get worse.
Today, 3 SA servers, Arcturus, Yorn and Agaton became busy, from night to day. Having friends in Arcturus, i asked them, why was that happening all of the sudden, if it were new players or something like that.
Turns out the server is literally busy right now because it was created so many Bot accounts that it crowded the server.
So, i come to ask you @Roxx, and the development team, to fix this issue. Lost Ark in Japan had a similar issue, and now the player base there is almost minimum. Lost Ark is a very incredible game, that i have 1000+ hours in it, but as a Brazilian, i know that our community won’t last long if botting continues like this.

I also know that is a very hard problem to fix, so i ask more transparency from the Devs team, and the Forums team, with us, the player base.

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