3 Suggestions to make Velganos more fun

  1. Can you increase the targeting area of Velganos’ dark puddles? This should make some more walkable spaces between then. Very often, they are surrounding his body and there is no way to get to him without losing a stack of Light and taking chip damage or to waste time navigating a temporary mouse maze. As a melee class I’m literally waiting for Velganos to move away from those puddles, maze my way to the boss, or wait out the puddles entirely. This is probably a non-issue with ranged classes but it breaks the flow for melees.

  2. Can you change the AI so that the first action running into him isn’t a oneshot mechanic? I’ve had so many solo runs where he immediately starts with the stagger check or pizza time and both cases feed really bad. The former I’m forced to run away again and waste more time (there’s plenty of time to beat the boss, it’s just boring to wait and do nothing). The latter I’m forced to hold burst until he does pizza time again to get stacks of Light in order to actually do damage.

  3. Can you make the number of Light puddles scale with party? The fight is actually a million times easier solo (except as a support of course). This is because I can just pick up every puddle and stay at 5 stacks and safely eat 2 hits and still be able to deal full damage. In a matchmaking lobby, you get 1 puddle per DPS and maybe you can get 2 stacks if you don’t take a hit and get another set of puddles or succeed the stagger check. Pizza time already scales with party because you just need to stand in the safe zone anyways. But it’s really frustrating sharing puddles because the odds of the stacks getting nullified are much higher than if 1 person was dodging the attacks with 5 stacks.

Bonus Suggestion for ALL Guardian Raids: PLEASE Make the starting spawn of the monster the spot closest to the starting camp. This isn’t Monster Hunter with multiple base camps you can TP to get closer to the boss. It’s not unusual that I’m taking 80 seconds walking to Velganos (with a mostly Swiftness build too).

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