3 weeks, no founder pack, atrocious support, violation of consumer rights


I still don’t have my platinum founder’s pack.
I have tried contacting support numerous times, but they only act as a shield for Amazon to violate European consumer laws without facing angry customers who have rights.

Today I got yet another amazing response from AGS support:
“Keep an eye on our forum for a patch that will fix commerce servers eventually”

  • you know, the one that has happened weeks ago and helped a ton of people? yea, I’ll wait for that…

Please leave a comment if you are still missing your pack, I feel like I’m the only one and have a unique problem (as I tried describing in detail to support many times, but they are robots that don’t read…)


are those servers also responsible for commerce lock bans?

In what world is this okay. Live/web support is useless, there’s a layer of outsourced support staff with no knowledge brushing you off as if things will fix themselves and you can’t even complain to a superior…

Unfortunately I don’t think we will ever get any kind of clarity about anything that lead to loss of real money in a way or another. We already paid.

If you want, you could start researching on how europeans could initiate the thing that americans would call “class action lawsuit”. Or the consumer rights organizations in your country may be able to assist as well.

Just. Do not. Chargeback. Your Steam account will get nuked in the process. American companies don’t like when you take money from them, even if it is justified!


I already researched it and am in the process of filing a dispute through consumereurope. Thing is, amazon would never accpt this but there’s no way to get in contact with the right people to avoid this - they don’t even know their own system is so shit


Don’t worry much they don’t care, they did a pool asking people that didn’t received their stuff, and still nothing got done, so sit tight you got scammed!

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This is a snip of my conversation with Amazon support live chat today.
They no engrish

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Daily bump until a CM comes in and assures everything will be taken care of swiftly (even though they have no influence)

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Don’t wanna defend AGS here in any way or form. That they don’t help you with your issue at all is sad af and that no CM wrote you in 4 days shows really bad support.

But: Did you try make a post in the “Game Support” Section of the Forum? Seems there are more CMs active there

To be honest that’s what I selected when I started this post, so I thought I did. Thanks for pointing that out (someone has edited my post so maybe he moved it cause I’m sure I started it in support section)