30 + 75 pieces for Brel relic is still too much of a grind

I mean this content is old now, we have ancient gear and jewelry. Just going g1-4 with insanely retarded gatekeeping is just too much!
why isn’t this similar to original valtan and vykas

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make a lobby then lol

Oh yeah why didnt I think of that!

buy a bus!

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So back to 40 + 100 ? I dont mind. If u dont like it pls make it back to the old style.

clearly you didn’t. can’t get declined if you’re the raid leader

Why are you going 1-4 only then? Why not bidding on boxes? People who go 1-6 on iLvL must have an advantage of some sort. Because 5-6 on iLvL is not very easy. You want me to do 5-6 on iLvL just for additional few thousand gold? I spent 15 hours watching people making stupid mistakes in learning groups, got my horns and now there is no gatekeeping, just finished 5-6 today in 1 hour.
And I did it primarily for finishing the set faster, if not that I probably would quit this idea on 7th hour of wiping.

The player base is not equipped to do 3-4 let alone 5-6 on x6 or more. You have PLC players with 250 roster, struggling to do star mech. Let alone remember to stand near the cube during phase. Honestly they should increase the horns in 1-2. Even 2 is hard enough trying to find a Hard mode prokel player. They need some changes.

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yeah just make a lobby and be the prokel killer yourself? its just that easy

Cuz people are lazy and cheapos. Since prokel player need to use consumables and learn there klass.

Prokel is fun. Prokel player should get more horns. Since the player outside are just waiting to be carryd in the end.

It is very similar to those. It takes 5 to 8 Brelshaza runs for a full upper relic set (depending on auction boxes and whether you do g5-6 each time), versus 5 to 13 Valtan/Vykas runs for a full lower relic set (depending on auction boxes and selected difficulty) prior to the double materials buff.

Or maybe create a gate where multiple people can phase into it, why is a 8 man raid relying only on one dude? Seems like a massive design flaw that OH RIGHT the devs apologized for.

you have 3 entries. you can’t cry about finding prokel killers if you refuse to do it yourself since you’re your own problem

troll post right?

That doesn’t change the fact that your reliance is on a solo individual in a segment of a game. But not only that " WHy dont you DO IT yourself". Dude you sound like a man child. " Why don’t they make it more team focused? OH NO IT USES MORE resources, ok put more people in there. What foolish concept is put one person in there, and put all the burnden on them. Then use the excuse of people are cheap. It’s literally designed like that. Is the largest copout of a argument.

prokel can be killed by 3 people
just don’t go out

every single raid has reliance on someone other than yourself. you rely on the group as a whole to keep their shapes in g5. you rely on your partner to keep their shape. you rely on randomly assigned meteor people to drop it in the correct place. you rely on randomly assigned yellow meteor to drop it in the correct place. you rely on catch/break/staggers to all do their individual solo roles correctly.

news flash, its a game where you rely on other people to fulfill their responsibilities. you want solo or full responsibility? go play a single player game or learn your solos and then you’re the only one to blame

Yes, but that single segment puts the reliance of the WHOLE RAID on the person. Yes there are wipe mechanics but at least your all doing the mechanic together. This is literally another realm player. IN ANOTHER LITERAL ROOM, with all the burden. THUS THE DEV APOLOGY.

And again your using such pathetic excuses. WELL RAIDING IS RELIANT ALL ALL PEOPLE. REALLY as much as PROKEL? Buddy stop. Its embarrassing.

that single yellow meteor puts the reliance of the WHOLE RAID on that singular person that gets singled out. whats your point? do your job

At least your doing it with the team, and the team can call it out on you. If they see you glowing with pings, and that’s just moving to a area of the square. PROKEL is a whole god dam fight. Don’t compare the two.