30 days crystaline aura gone after maintanence. Mail items also gone

Where is my cristaline aura, hello? After maintanence, i logged back in and my crystalline aura is gone, what is this? Please can you fix it, it’s the aura i got (30 days duration) from the founder pack.
**Also, my mail in game (i had there some of the twitch rewards still and other stuff is gone also, mail is empty). What is going on, did i just lost all my twitch rewards and stuff i purchased from shop?
Update: my in game mail items are still gone!


Have the same issue

This has been a known issue for a few days now. They are still working on a fix. Its intermittent.

However, my aura, along with the shop has been unavailable for the past 3 days.


Ah I had the same issue. Now I looked back on my game and its there. Dont worry guys

Shop and Product Inventory still not working though.

Try relogging to char select. switching channel, or just simply wait half an hour. It will come back

Hello, this issue is different from the early days. Befor thi fix when you open the game and waiting in qeue upper right corner state you have aura, just ingame was off, BUT now it doesnt show up in the waiting room…

Same everything is gone, thx to fuck our money for free guys :smiley:

yo, items in my mailbox are gone also…? I have had some twitch rewards and other items , left to collect, and now they are gone? What the fuck even is this game?

Its all related to the issue. They have said anything commerce-related is all linked to the same problem.


Same issue.

Oke, I was hasty about this post, I got back my aura after 5 mins playing… so its just matter of time to activate

The fix is supposedly coming on Thursday.

Shop is not working since 3 days! really i am starting to think are they really try to fix ir or just amuse players. Is it really hard to fix a shop issue?

To address this specific issue, we need to have a client patch. That patch is currently being built by Smilegate RPG and we are hoping to include this fix in our next update which we are prepping for this coming week. It is our understanding that after this patch is delivered, most of the major commerce related issues will work correctly.

Snippet from the following post:

~6 months crystralline aura missing today

Yup . Aura gone!

still missing from yesterday

aura is mising too

please AGS fix this !!!

Same here on Zinnervale EU. Also blue crystals gone.